Zorua Is My Favorite Legendary

By Legendary Luna

Hello Poke Fans! This is Legendary Luna here to talk about my favorite legendary, Zorua! Now why is he my favorite you ask? Well first off he’s a fox and me being a huge wolf lover I also love foxes. Zorua is a dark type Pokemon who can change his appearance into any Pokemon! So it’s like you can have all the Pokemon with only one Pokemon right? Wrong! Only a true Pokemon master can capture them all. Any ways back to Zorua, in the Pokemon movie 13, Zoroark Master Of Illusions, little Zorua was a male Pokemon and with him being a legend I didn’t think that was allowed but he is awesome so he has an aception! Also in the movie he was the son of Zoroark, I didn’t know that until five months later (I feel so smart).

In the movie I thought that Zoroark was just a big brother or something so yes talk about failing with Pokemon movies :)! In the game on the other hand I have heard you can get female Zorua with the event celebi just like the how you get the Zorua in the game. I’m not ninety-nine percent sure if that’s true but I think it is. Now my favorite move of Zorua in the game is Night Daze, don’t ask why I just really like it for some reason. In the game when Zorua reaches level 30 he evolves into Zoroark but since you can get a Zoroark in the game I wouldn’t evolve him due to the fact that I think he’s just to cute! The normal coloring of Zorua is grey fur, red markings, and blue eyes, while the shiny Zorua has a darker grey fur tone, blue markings, and red eyes. The chance of getting a shiny Zorua is VERY RARE! So don’t get to down when you don’t get a shiny. And if you do get a shiny, then congrats! Also in the game I thought Zorua would speak English like he did in the movie. Nope once again I was wrong. Instead he spoke Zorua language also known as normal Pokemon language. I must say I’m not very good with the guessing game at all when it comes to games such as Pokemon.

Another thing about Zorua is that for the fifth generation of legendary Pokemon, I think Zoroark and him are the most popular out of them. I try finding Zorua merchandise all the time but can very rarely every find any. If you are a Pokemon fan though or a Zorua collector I must say the best website to shop is www.pokevault.com they have so much Pokemon merchandise and the owner is very nice, well that’s it for today! This is Legendary Luna blasting off again ;)!


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