Talking Zorua Plush Review

By Legendary Luna

Hello Pokemon fans! It is once again Legendary Luna and this time writing a review on the talking Zorua plush! Today I got my Zorua from and I must say I love him! He is really soft and bigger than what I expected. Now I know a little Japanese so I know what he’s saying so lucky me! Any ways I bought Zorua because I got a keychain one but I wanted the one that where you touch him he talks in Japanese.

The cutest thing about him is his laugh. As soon as I saw a YouTube video with him laughing I knew it was a must buy for my collection! The softest part on him is his ruff. I love petting his ruff because; well like I said it’s soft. Now in my last article I wrote about how I love Zorua and Zoroark (mostly Zorua though), well I paid one hundred twenty five American dollars for him.

His stitching is absolutely amazing! There is not one flaw with him that I have found so congratulations Japan for winning my heart with Zorua! Now when and if you make a life size Zorua plush, I will move there as soon as possible and buy him! Or just have the amazing Brian get him and then buy him from Brian XD! Brian you rock and thank you once again for going out and getting my talking Zorua for me ;). I still owe you big time for this. The coloring of the fabric in which Zorua is made of is dead on with perfect coloring. I swear he looks so real! He sits up perfectly with no faults of falling over.

Now me being an anime freak have to say he reminds me of a chibi. A chibi is a little kid by the way for those who don’t know. The only thing I had trouble with is with getting his voice box in since it kept wanting to come out, but I got it in and it is still working perfectly. The company that made him was Tomy Takara or Takara Tomy whichever way you want to say it. The best stitching I think is his eye work. Within his cute little smile he has two fangs that are also stitched beautifully. All of the stitching on him looks perfect and I for one am just amazed by it. He is a perfect plush for any Pokemon lovers of any age. Another thing that struck my heart was how chubby he was! He reminds me of my old cat Itachi for this plush is about the same size as him only a little smaller but not by much. Well that’s all I have to say about my new Zorua plush! This is Legendary Luna blasting off again ;)!


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