How To Get Zorua Using The Event Celebi And The Relocator

How to get Zorua using Event Celebi and the Relocator

ZoruaZorua. Everybody’s favorite little Black & White teaser Pokemon. You’ve had him dangled in front of your face by Pokemon Sunday, and perhaps you even bough his Pokedoll at the 2011 US world Tour ( I know I did). Yet, you cannot seem to get him on your game; even after spending 30 minutes sitting in front of Gamestop trying to figure out how to get your event Celebi. Well don’t be frustrated, because I have provided a guide to demonstrate how to get Celebi to your new game using the Relocator, and meet your new foxy buddy.

What do I need to get Zorua?

1. Gamestop Celebi: You will need have grabbed a Celebi from a US Gamestop before March 10, 2011. If you did not receive your Celebi and would like to purchase one please scroll to the bottom of this article. It is unverified if another Celebi will work, please comment if you know more.
2. Two Nintendo DS systems: You are required to have 2 Nintendo DS systems are also required to complete the transfer; there is also no way to use Nintendo Wi-fi to do this. You will need two DS systems in close range of each other.
3. The Pokemon Relocator Confusion about obtaining Zorua has spawned from the odd fact that the player must use the Relocator, not the Poke-shifter, to activate the event. This is why when you use the Poke-shifter to try and send the event Pokemon to your game, it won’t work

How where, and when do I get the Relocator? Zorua

The Pokemon Relocator is another confusing part of this event; but, there is good news and bad news. The good news is, that you do not need to complete the game to get it; however, the bad news is that you are required to input a password to receive it.

1. When? You do not need to complete the game; however, you must make it to Castelia City.
2. Where? Visit Castelia City, also known as the one that resembles New York. On the left-hand side of the northern road leading to route 4, there will be a building. Enter the building and take the elevator to the next floor. Speak to the man in a white lab coat and he will tell you about a device he built and mention that it requires a password.
3. How? You will need to enter two passwords using the categories he provides. You will then have the Pokemon Relocator, which can be accessed at the home screen of the game. The two passwords to get the Pokemon Relocator are:

How to get Zorua?

1. Save you game and turn it off and then back on. You will be at the home screen, press start and view the game menu. From the game menu, choose the option for the Pokemon Relocator.
2. Prepare your other DS by placing the event Entei, Suicune, or Raikou from your other Pokemon game in any box on your PC. You may not have the event Pokemon in your party. In order for the Pokemon Black game to recognize it, you must put it in a box.
3. Save the game on the DS containing Pokemon Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Platinum, Pearl, or Diamond and turn it off.
4. Turn it back on and do not click your game. Instead, select “DS Download and Play”.
5. Take the first DS containing Black or White and select the “Relocator” from the game menu, if you haven’t already.
6. Your games will being to read each other; Pokemon Black and White will give you a message clarifying that the Pokemon was found and sent successfully.
7. Put Celebi in your party
8. Go to Castelia city and go onto Castelia Street, at a building called Gamefreak HQ you will meet a little girl/ boy and her clone who will give you Zorua.

It’s not working? What did I do wrong?

CelebiIf for some reason you are having trouble, and your question isn’t answered, feel free to comment

1. The Relocator can’t find your event Pokemon. You must have the event Pokemon in your box for the re-locator to recognize it. If it still doesn’t recognize it you probably were traded a hacked Pokemon.
2. The Lady in Lostlorn Forest isn’t attacking. You must have the Crowned Beast in your party and obtained it using the Pokemon Relocator.

What if I don’t have the Celebi Event?

There are a few options for anyone who does not have the Event Celebi.

1. Hope for another Event. This event has passed and is no longer scheduled for the US
2. Find a Friend. Many people obtained all three legendary dogs at the event. The only problem, is that you have to find a friend before they transfer it to their own game. You must trade from an older game to an older game then relocate it for the event to work.
3. Purchase one. You may purchase the three legendary dogs here, at
4. Get one Free. For a limited time only, If you make a purchase from Hardrock-Pokemon of 35 dollars or more, you can receive one event Pokemon traded to your game free of charge from . (courtesy of If you chose to do this please contact Pokemon wish not Hardrock-pokemon.

Thank you for reading, comments and questions are welcome! Make sure to tell me which is your favorite Zorua or Zoroark, or offer someone a trade! Also, don’t forget to purchase your Zorua Pokedoll from Authentic Pokemon Center Dolls sent straight from Japan, to your doorstep!

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52 Replies to “How To Get Zorua Using The Event Celebi And The Relocator”

  1. I got my celebi,it’s legit and everything but it still won’t work, and i didn’t know that Gamestop had an event for it. I’m also thinking that my problem is the same as Ian’s. Any ideas BESIDES having to buy or trade?

  2. I have Entei that i traded from Heartgold (caught in Heartgold while it was roaming) and traded it over to Diamond. Now, on Black, I have the Relocator and the d.s’s .. yadiyada and all that good stuff. The problem is, I can’t transfer it over to my Black version? I don’t know if it is because it is NOT an event Pokemon? I mean I caught it legitimately through the game. Yeah so I’m pretty stuck..

  3. My SoulSilver game has the Celebi but the game crashes a lot, so I don’t know if White will accept it or not. Should I just try it and see if it works? It is a LEIGT Celebi, I’m sure of it.

  4. first off, i just got back into play white version due to my previous DS Lite breaking. after getting a new one i decided to play once again and i’ve been trying to get Zorua but here’s the problem…
    1. i have a legit Celebi from the gamestop event [O.T. GAMESTP] *NOT AR either
    2. i kept it’s attacks and lvl untouched
    3. i used the relocator to transfer Celebi
    4. Celebi is first in my party
    5. i have a free spot+pokeball
    6. the boy says “…” and the lady says “Castelia City is so big that i feel dizzy. Even i can get lost!”
    -how am i able to get Zorua with a Legit Celebi?

  5. if i want to transfer a regular celebi from heart gold to white will it have to be relocated with the relocator so i could get zorua?

  6. Hello Everyone. I will answer a few of your questons. I am the author of the article.

    1) If things are not working make sure you are far enough throught the game. Play through. I dont know when exactly he s available.

    2) A shny Celebi from PLatinum is a hacked or edited pokemon. It will not work for to reasons.. 1) the person is bad at editing pokemon 2) It is not the rght event celebi

    3) Not every Celebi will unlock Zorua- it must be one from the event. You can buy one from I am running very very low now though. I have about 3 left and not all in english. Then I will go into copying the Celebis. Its your last chance to get one of the legt ones I saved up.

    4) If Celebi is TRADED it is confirmed it will work. However, I am almost positive it has to be relocated, then traded.

    5) The reason the AR codes are working is not because the Celebs are legit- its because the pokemon was transfered to the computer (where the code was generated) after it was relocated- therefore the Celebi appears on your game as a relocated Celebi.

    6) Celebi MUST be in your party, as I stated before.

    7) I bet you ALL need to update your AR firmware. Thats why no AR codes are working.

    Honestly guys, stop trying to use the AR codes a lot of them were poorly made or they are trying to mess up your computer. I could make a working AR code for a Celebi to activate Zorua. I dont want to make a legt one though because if you really had wanted it youd buy it or you would have gone to the event. It lasted like forever.

    1. you can buy it. I dont need the extra order but you are welcome to it.
      I have 3 Celebis left
      Unlmited Zoruas (bred)
      Cant take on another order until next week though.

  7. I have been trying all day to get Celebi relocated from Pearl to White. I have the relocator, I have Celebi in the PC box, but when I run the relocator it says there’s no Pokemon found. I read somewhere the celebi had to have no HM, so I deleted the 1 HM it had but it still won’t work. I got the celebi from gamestop. Any other suggestions?

  8. Um…. The guy in the building in Castelia isn’t there. I don’t know why he isn’t there, and I don’t know how to make him appear. i thought if I beat the Elite 4, that he might pop up. But he didn’t…

  9. I regularly transferred the celebii without using the Relocator, and now i cant use the Relocator because the celebii is in black and white, can i still get the zorua or no?

  10. I got a shiny Celebi on Platinum [dont ask me how] and I transfered it over. IT DID NOT WORK. I cant see the girl anywhere

    1. 1. That Celebi is either edited or hacked.
      2. Even if it wasnt clearly illegitimate it is still not the right event.
      So this Celebi fails. But hes cute n shiny 🙂 – you can buy t.

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