All About Pokemon Mienfoo And Mienshao

By Emily

Many new Fighting-type Pokemon have been introduced with the newest generation of Pokemon, half of which have a secondary typing. Of those pure Fighting-types left, Mienfoo and Mienshao are the most unusual and strategic characters. High attack and speed, coupled with an extremely useful ability and moves, make them useful as long as they aren’t hit by too many attacks.

The Regenerator ability is one of the best abilities for this Pokemon since it can learn U-Turn during level up. With this ability, up to 1/3 of the full HP of the Pokemon can be regained when they switch out, and thus they can take advantage of U-Turn’s effect. Considering that the defenses and HP of both are low, this combination is almost a staple. Inner Focus is the other possible ability, but flinching does not happen enough, especially considering that Mienshao can outrun a majority of equally- and lower-leveled opponents.

While neither has had a Dream World distribution, Reckless does not fit these Pokemon well due to the high attack and HP. While recoiling attacks become stronger, these characters do not have an adequate amount of HP to deal with the doubled recoil they will receive.

As stated before, U-Turn is an almost vital attack for these Pokemon to know. Drain Punch is incredibly useful, especially if it has an ability other than Regenerator or using U-Turn would be disadvantageous. Thanks to their high attack and Same Type Attack Bonus Drain Punch can possibly restore a good chunk of HP. This move can possibly cover the possible recoil damage Hi Jump Kick can do if it misses. Many non-recoil moves can be learned, and luckily Mienshao has high enough attack and special attack to use almost all of them.

Aerial Ace or Acrobatics can deal an adequate amount of damage with no reduction in accuracy, which is important for a Pokemon with lower defenses. Even though Aura Sphere is a special attack, it may be a good move to have in case physical attacks are a bad option. For even more variety trying Grass Knot, Poison Jab, or Stone Edge may prove to be beneficial.

Both Mienfoo and Mienshao are common on the routes they appear in, so finding one isn’t difficult. Even though Mienfoo is easier to catch, it evolves at level 50 into Mienshao, so if you’re planning to use one after the main story line, capturing Mienshao may be a better idea even though it has a much lower catch rate. However, breeding for a Mienfoo egg may be better since it can learn some good egg moves like Vital Throw, Low Kick, and Baton Pass. And as always, using the Masuda Method when breeding increases the chance of a shiny Mienfoo egg.

Currently neither of these Pokemon has appeared in the anime, and they have no official merchandise. However, they will have at least one plush each due to the My Pokemon Collection set of Pokemon plushes by Banpresto. The official release date of the plush is unknown right now. Both also have no event distribution planned in the near future.

Mienshao is a moderately good Pokemon to keep in a team after the main story line. Or maybe add a bit of novelty by training a Mienfoo through the game. Since both aren’t regular team additions, their use can result some interesting battles.

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