All About Pokemon Mienfoo And Mienshao

By Emily

Many new Fighting-type Pokemon have been introduced with the newest generation of Pokemon, half of which have a secondary typing. Of those pure Fighting-types left, Mienfoo and Mienshao are the most unusual and strategic characters. High attack and speed, coupled with an extremely useful ability and moves, make them useful as long as they aren’t hit by too many attacks.

The Regenerator ability is one of the best abilities for this Pokemon since it can learn U-Turn during level up. With this ability, up to 1/3 of the full HP of the Pokemon can be regained when they switch out, and thus they can take advantage of U-Turn’s effect. Considering that the defenses and HP of both are low, this combination is almost a staple. Inner Focus is the other possible ability, but flinching does not happen enough, especially considering that Mienshao can outrun a majority of equally- and lower-leveled opponents.
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