Pokemon Fifth Generation Tomy Plush

By Emily

One of the major producers of Pokemon collectables for Japan, Takara Tomy has created many unique items over the years, and continues to do so for the fifth generation. While they may not produce plush with as much variety as Banpresto, the quality of the plush is great enough to rival those from the official Pokemon Center line of plush. Takara Tomy also has an exclusive line of talking plush, which are very popular and sought-after.

The first plush for the fifth generation made by Takara Tomy were of Zorua and Zoroark because of the 13th Pokemon movie. Zoroark was a sizably large plush at nearly one foot tall, while Zorua was roughly seven inches tall. Two other Zorua plush were also released, and were the large and small talking plush. The large one was about the same size as the Zoroark plush, while the small one was about half the height and was made like a keychain with a small chain atop its head. In October, shortly after the release of Pokemon Black and White, Takara Tomy came out with another set of plush featuring three new Pokemon – Pidove, Axew, and Munna. The new plush were a little bigger than the Pokemon Center plush, and cost a small amount more.

Also released in October were medium and large starter plush of Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott. The medium versions of the plush measured about half a foot tall, while the large versions reached nearly one and a half feet tall and were made of a fabric similar to what the Pokémon Center plush were made of. A box set of the medium-sized starter plush was also available, containing all three Pokemon and a sticker sheet that is exclusive to the set.

November saw the release of four new talking plush, which were and still are very popular. The set included all three starters along with Pikachu. The plush themselves had a wide variety of possible sayings, and would respond to noise as long as the volume wasn’t too loud. Recently small keychain versions of the talking starters were released, which look identical to the large talking plush, but are a bit smaller and saw fewer phrases.

Halfway into January, two new plush were released by this company – Pansage and Minccino. Both are about eight inches tall, similar to the other medium-sized plush. A plush of Scraggy was also available to tie in with events in the anime as well as the Pokemon Center’s Zuruggu campaign.

Around the end of March and beginning of April new plush of Emonga and Deerling became available. But not stopping with just two, Takara Tomy released two Victini plush as well as plush of the other elemental monkies, giving that month a sizeable number of new plush. The plush of Pansear and Panpour as well as one of the Victini plush are medium-sized, but the other Victini plush is a large plush at about eighteen inches tall. This large plush from Takara Tomy is actually taller than the new 1:1 Victini from the Pokemon Center by abut one inch.

Coming up later in May are the Blitzle and Cubchoo medium-sized plush. More varieties of plush will be released during the summer months to tie in with the two newest Pokemon movies, including posable Reshiram and Zekrom plush.

Good quality and innovative ideas has always been a trademark of Takara Tomy products, especially with their plush. The plush are great for collectors and can handle rough play well, making them worth the money. The modest variety ensures that there is a plush that everyone will like, even though importing is the only way to get them.

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