Pokemon Attacks And Natures #2

By Harry Ackerman

Everywhere you see articles and charts etc, on what a Pokemon’s best nature would be, but what if your Pokemon doesn’t have that one specific nature then what are some other good natures for it? In article I’ll talk about other good natures, bad ones, and some really good moves (or at least in my opinion) for each Pokemon to have. 🙂

Just keep in mind this isn’t 100% accurate because the most beneficial nature for a Pokemon to have can be highly dependent on what moves you teach it.

This time I’ll talk about Serperior, Zoroark, Charizard, and Umbreon. 🙂

So first of all Serperior,

Serperior’s base Attack and base Special Attack are both equal, so it’s up to you which you base it’s attacks around, or you can use both stats if you want. Speed is Serperior’s best stat though so any Nature that is boosting speed is probably going to be good for it, unless it’s lowering the type of attack (physical or special) that your Serperior uses the most, then not so much.

Unfortunately Serperior doesn’t learn many cool moves while leveling up and has a terrible overall move set. They’re aren’t many awesome TM or HM attacks it can learn either. You could teach it Aerial Ace to get rid of the bug types that would try to take a bite out of Serperior, and of course you’re going to want to teach your Serperior Leaf Blade or Giga Drain (both it learns by leveling up). I taught mine both, which is always an option as well. 😉 Also if you can manage to teach Serperior Glare (which can only be taught by breeding) that’s an awesome move because it can even paralyze a ground type Pokemon since Glare is normal type.

If you can some how get a Serperior or one if it’s evolutions from the dream world that’s awesome too, because of the Pokemon’s dream world ability Contrary (hopefully there will be a special event soon to get one). Contrary makes moves that lower stats raise them instead, and vice-versa. In which case it would be very beneficial for your Serperior to have a Special Attack boosting nature, because with Contrary you have to teach your Serperior Leaf Storm (which is learned at level 62). Because with that ability each time you use Leaf Storm instead of it lowering your special attack like it normally would, it raises the stat instead. Just think how powerful that attack would get after a couple uses?

Next Zoroark,

Zoroark has very high Attack and Special Attack stats (higher Special Attack) but sadly very low defenses. I’d find it best for your Zoroark to have a neutral nature if it doesn’t have a nature recommended by something/someone. If a stat is boosted though, the best one would probably be Special Attack. As for the lowered stat you do not want it to be one of Zoroark’s defenses, and definitely not it’s physical defense (i made that mistake… 🙁 ).

As for attacks, despite Zoroark’s higher Special Attack it learns ALOT of physical moves while leveling up. In fact Zoroark doesn’t learn a special attack until level 64 when it learns Night Daze. But some good moves to teach it when leveling up are Foul Play, and Night Slash.

Just because Zoroark doesn’t learn a special attack until level 64 doesn’t mean having a Special Attack boosting nature wouldn’t be beneficial. Zoroark can learn a few awesome moves with TMs that a dark type couldn’t normally learn; one of them being Flamethrower.

Some other good TM moves to teach Zoroark are Shadow Ball, Aerial Ace, and if you want Focus Blast (or Low Sweep if you want a physical fighting attack). Aerial Ace works well to get rid of any annoying Fighting or Bug type that would try to hurt Zoroark, and then the variety of attack types coupled with Illusion can catch really your opponent off guard.

Now for Charizard! :3

Charizard is an awesome Pokemon and one of the best starters to have so far. With the attacks a Charizard can learn, a Special Attack boosting nature would be highly beneficial, most likely no matter which stat is being lowered.

Now first off for moves, the best fire attack to teach a Charizard is Flamethrower, and I highly recommend you teach it that attack. It’s pretty much the only attack you need to teach your Charizard. As for a flying attack, I usually go with Fly, but if you don’t want to be flying around on your Charizard Sky Drop or Aerial Ace work well too (or Air Slash if you want a special flying attack).

If your Charizard is on a 4th generation game then another good move to teach your Charizard is Dragon Pulse (TM 59). If it’s on a 5th generation game though, the only way to teach your Charizard Dragon Pulse is through breeding. If you still want to teach your Charizard a good dragon type move and you cant teach it Dragon Pulse, you can go to the Move Tutor’s house and teach it Dragon Claw or of you don’t have any Heart Scales, you can teach it that attack with TM 02. Another good move to teach your Charizard is Bulldoze to stop the electric and rock type Pokemon that try to faint it, and slow the opponent down as a bonus.

And finally Umbreon! 😀

One of the reasons I really like Umbreon is because if it’s high defenses (and because it’s so cute :3), I also think Umbreon is an eeveelution that learns some of the best attacks out of all of them when leveling up as well.

Now for natures, since most of the attacks Umbreon can learn are physical attacks you don’t want Attack lowered, especially because Umbreon’s attack is sort of low to being with, and because of Umbreon’s high Defense you probably wouldn’t want it’s defenses to be lowered either. But if one of the defense stats is lowered it would probably be better if it was Special Defense. Even though that’s the higher one of the two, most attacks that would be super effective against Umbreon would be physical attacks so physical defense is a bit more important.

Four of the best attacks to teach your Umbreon are Faint Attack, Confuse Ray, Psychic, and Moonlight. Faint Attack because it never misses and it gets that extra 1.5 damage bonus for being the same type as Umbreon. Confuse Ray because confusion can be very frustrating to deal with, and unlike Supersonic, Confuse Ray has an accuracy of 100. Psychic because it’s super effective against Fighting types, and Moonlight because it restores an amount of Umbreon’s health depending on the weather. (50% during normal weather conditions, 66% if sunny, 25% if any other weather condition)

Now you don’t need that exact move set, those are only suggestions for good moves to teach your Umbreon. 🙂

Until next time – Harry Ackerman

Aka. DrDude25

Aka. Xeerinare


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