How To Get Zoroark Using The Crowned Beasts

How to get Zoroark using the Crowned Beasts

The wait is over and Pokemon Black & White is now keeping you from sleeping at night. Though the excitement associated with a new Pokemon game is all I can think about, I can’t help but notice all the people that are infuriated and let-down by Pokemon Black & White. All over the internet people are fuming that, “they can’t get their Zoroark” or “Nintendo gave them a defective Event Pokemon”. Well, to those who are having trouble getting their awesome Zoroark, don’t throw your new game to the Pidgies just yet!

Contrary to the squabbles of the angry Zoroark-less players, the event DOES work like Pokemon Sunday told us many months ago. Unfortunately, obtaining Zoroark is not as easy as we were led to believe. In my own personal experience with this event, I’ve spent about an hour trying to figure out how to get my  Event Suicune to my new Pokemon Black game. Then another 30 minutes trying to figure out how to actually obtain Zoroark. Thus, I have decided to provide a simplified guide that demonstrates how to properly use the Crowned Beast event to access the Zoroark event.

What do I need to get Zoroark?

  1. Crowned Beast Event Pokemon. In order to obtain Zoroark, you will need to have one of the Pokemon from pre-ordering tickets to the “Phantom Champion Zoroark” Pokemon Movie in Japan. These Pokemon include the crowned bests; Shiny Suicune, Shiny Entei, or Shiny Raikou. If you do not have this Pokemon, and want Zoroark, please scroll to the bottom of this article.
  2. 2 Nintendo DS systems. You are required to have 2 Nintendo DS systems are also required to complete the transfer; there is also no way to use Nintendo Wi-fi to do this. You will need two DS systems in close range of each other.
  3. The Pokemon Relocator. Confusion about obtaining Zoroark has spawned from the odd fact that the player must use the  Relocator, not the Poke-shifter, to activate the event. This is why when you use the Poke-shifter to try and send the event Pokemon to your game, it won’t work.

How, where, and when do I get the Relocator?

The Pokemon Relocator is another confusing part of this event; but, there is good news and bad news. The good news is, that you do not need to complete the game to get it; however, the bad news is that you are required to input a password to receive it.

  1. When? You do not need to complete the game; however,  you must make it to Castelia City.
  2. Where? Visit Castelia City, also known as the one that resembles New York. On the left-hand side of the northern road leading to route 4, there will be a building. Enter the building and take the elevator to the next floor. Speak to the  man in a white lab coat and he will tell you about a device he built and mention that it requires a password.
  3. How? You will need to enter two passwords using the categories he provides. You will then have the Pokemon Relocator, which can be accessed at the home screen of the game. The two passwords to get the Pokemon Relocator are:

How do I  get Zoroark?

First, save your game and turn it off. You may only receive Zoroark once.

  1. Save you game and turn it off and then back on. You will be at the home screen, press start and view the game menu. From the game menu, choose the option for the Pokemon Relocator.
  2. Prepare your other DS by placing the event Entei, Suicune, or Raikou from your other Pokemon game in any box on your PC. You may not have the event Pokemon in your party. In order for the Pokemon Black game to recognize it, you must put it in a box.
  3. Save the game on the DS containing Pokemon Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Platinum, Pearl, or Diamond and turn it off.
  4. Turn it back on and do not click your game. Instead, select “DS Download and Play”.
  5. Take the first DS containing Black or White and select the “Relocator” from the game menu, if you haven’t already.
  6. Your games will being to read each other; Pokemon Black and White will give you a message clarifying that the Pokemon was sent over successfully.
  7. Add one of the Crowned Beasts to your party  Then make sure to grab an ultra ball and a lower level Pokemon so as not to knock Zoroark out; you only have one opportunity to catch him.
  8. Go to Lostlorn forest and walk to the very back towards the trailer. This is where is gets fun, a crazy woman will run at you and transform into a Raikou, Suicune, or Entei.
  9. Do not be fooled, it is really Zoroark disguised as another Pokemon. Make sure not to let it faint!

It’s not working? What did I do wrong?

If for some reason you are having trouble or question isn’t answered here, feel free to comment

  1. The Relocator can’t find your event Pokemon. You must have the event Pokemon in your box for the re-locator to recognize it. If it still doesn’t recognize it you probably were traded a hacked Pokemon.
  2. The Lady in Lostlorn Forest isn’t attacking. You must have the Crowned Beast in your party and obtained it using the Pokemon Relocator.
  3. Other Issues. Please comment below.

I Don’t have the Crowned Beasts.

There area few options for anyone who does not have the Crowned Beasts Event; Shiny Raikou, Shiny Entei, Shiny Suicune.

  1. Hope for another Event. This event has passed and  is no longer scheduled for the US
  2. Find a Friend. Many people obtained all three legendary dogs at the event. The only problem, is that you have to find a friend before they transfer it to their own game. You must trade from an older game to an older game then relocate it for the event to work.
  3. Purchase one. You may purchase the three legendary dogs here, at
  4. Get one Free. For  a limited time only, If you make a purchase from Hardrock-Pokemon of 30 US dollars or more, you can receive one event Pokemon traded to your game free of charge. (courtesy of If you chose to do this please contact Pokemon wish not Hardrock-pokemon.

Thank you for reading, comments and questions are welcome! Make sure to tell me which is your favorite Zorua or Zoroark, or offer someone a trade! Also, Don’t forget to purchase your Zoroark Pokedoll from Authentic Pokemon Center Dolls sent straight from Japan, to your doorsteps!

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  1. Hey ave transfered me dogs frm soul sliver usin the poke transfer coz a thort a cud jst do it tht way but readin this a can’t since a don’t have them on soul silver now so am askin what can a do ???

  2. Okay, on pokemon pearl, i caught a shiny raikou and i put it in my party, can i transfer that to my pokemon black or did i have to get the game stop one

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