Shiny Pokemon Review For Generation Five

By Emily

With so many new Pokemon making an appearance in the fifth generation games Pokemon Black and White, many new shiny Pokemon are able to be collected. But deciding on which ones to go after first can be difficult, since this generation is blessed with so many great shiny characters. However, the games are programmed such that two of the best shiny Pokemon of the generation can not be found shiny naturally.

Victini is one whose shiny form can not be obtained legally. Its bright white body contrasting with its neon orange ears, hands, and feet are very reminiscent of a clown, which seems to suit Victini’s Pokedex-based personality better than its regular coloration. Reshiram, one of the other Pokemon who can not be found shiny in the games, undoubtedly has the best shiny form of all fifth generation Pokemon. The once white rings on its body have been upgraded to gold, as have the plates on its wings. This new gold color combined with the sublime pink of shiny Reshiram’s body is a great combination of colors that show off the gold of the rings in a strong but reserved way.

Even without being able to catch shiny Victini or Reshiram, many other good shiny characters exist that can be caught or bred legitly in the games. Emboar’s bright blue flames and body make it one of the best shiny starter evolutions, barring of course the highly popular shiny Charizard. What is also nice about shiny Emboar is that is can be obtained through breeding for a shiny Tepig and then evolving.

Shiny Zorua is another great shiny Pokemon from the fifth generation, and like Emboar, it can be obtained from breeding. The bright blue accents on the dark brown body create a great contrast which makes Zorua stand out as another shiny Pokemon that would be worth the effort to get.

If you prefer hunting for wild shiny Pokemon, plenty of shiny ones from this generation can be caught somewhere in the wild. Lilligant’s beautiful light blue leaves and pink flower make this one a good choice to hunt for. If you’d rather go after something tougher-looking than a flower, you should set your sights on getting a shiny Fraxure or Haxorus. Since both Axew and Fraxure can be found in the wild, you can decide which one you want to go after.

Shiny Mienfoo and Mieshao are just two of the many with good shiny forms that are worth searching for. Whether you prefer the blue Mienfoo or the pink Mieshao, both are worth spending some time to hunt. However, while this generation has given so many Pokemon good shiny forms, it has also given a number of very bad shiny luck. Some shiny ones are nearly indistinguishable from their regular forms, which makes these Pokemon less than desirable to have.

Lillipup, Pidove, and Deerling definitely got the short end of the stick for shiny forms with this generation. Both shiny Pidove and Lillipup are just a few shades different from their regular colors, but neither can match Deerling’s bad luck. The only noticeable difference between normal and shiny Deerling is the little flower on top of its head.

Even a few Pokemon that have more noticeable color differences were unlucky enough to get shiny colors that make them look outrageously bad. The two Pokemon that stand out the most as having this problem are Zoroark and Vullaby. Shiny Zorua’s great luck with colors didn’t pass on when it evolved. While Zoroark as a Pokemon looks pretty cool, shiny Zoroark is hard to look at, period. The purple and brown fur do not mix well, and it’s very difficult to see any details like the marks around Zoroark’s eyes and mouth due to the awful purple color. Shiny Vullaby looks almost like someone took a regular Vullaby and hard-boiled it. Its bright red face and feet also remind you of what happens when you forget to wear sunscreen when you go outside, which doesn’t add any appeal to this shiny Pokemon.

As with every generation’s shiny Pokemon, there will always be winners and losers. Even though this generation has markedly better shiny ones and fewer bad shiny ones, along with a few unobtainable shiny Pokemon, any shiny you’re lucky enough to run across is a great find. Even if it is just a Deerling.

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