New Black & White Pokemon

By Joey DiGiacomo

The new Pokemon in this next generation are amazing. The starters have to be my favorite of all time. They are very crucial characters, because their evolved form is very powerful. The first starter is Snivy.  Snivy is a grass type Pokemon and he evolves into a determined and majestic Pokemon. Another great starter is Tepig that is like a pig type of Pokemon. He is a fire type pokemon, and his evolved form looks nothing like him. For some reason the evolution of Tepig reminds me of an egg. It is shaped very odd, but has good fire moves.

My personal favorite starter is Oshawatt, he is kind of like a gothic sea otter. He never smiles, but has amazing moves. He is a water type Pokemon, and his moves do not really revolve around that. His moves have the power of a common attack or scratch like the old generations. Overall the moves are pretty amazing, and do have room for improvement. His evolved form likeTepig, looks nothing like the pre-evolved form.

Than you have your basic Pokemon, like the kind that you run into every time you walk two inches when you are in the grass. The basic Pokemon in this generation are dull and poorly named. Like one of them is named Patrat, pretty basic name but very boring. I feel the creativity is lacking in this new generation of Pokemon.

Finally I will talk about the legendary Pokemon, and these legendaries do not disappoint me at all. The first one is named Zekrom, he is a very powerful electric dragon Pokemon. His moves are pretty incredible, but a little over done. They are basic moves but very affective. The second one is Reshiram, I believe I am spelling that correctly but forgive me if I am wrong. He in my personal opinion is better than Zekrom, because his moves are modern and original.  That is just my personal opinion.

That was just a little sneak peak of the new pokemon that will be inside of your Nintendo DS March 6th, and on the newer Pokemon episodes.

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