Pokemon Black & White Tour

By Joey DiGiacomo

When I first heard that there would be a tour for the new games and cards coming out my excitement went up, and changed my view entirely about the new series. I am lucky enough to live in Ohio, so we were the first stop on the mall tour. Now I will go in to the best part, the details and my personal experience.

When you first walk in to the mall you will go to the in formation booth, that is where you can get movie tickets and information. The movie you will see is Zoroark: Master of Illusions. I will not give my personal rating, but it does bring back Pokemon memories. I do not want to spoil it for you and just say what you get for free, but there is a good amount of free items.

Now the main thing that everyone is excited about is the Pokemon Center. It gives you a great choice of limited edition items. The prices are not the best, but in the long run they will definitely be worth something some day. The last thing about this tour is the free Celebi and Suicune that you download on your Pokemon game. When I got there ready to download I noticed right where you download it, my phone was losing service. Then when I tried to download the Celebi, my fears were realized. Celebi was not able to download on my DS. I really hope this is not a trending thing. My Suicune on the other hand arrived safely.

Another great feature was the scavenger hunt. That is where you search around the mall and try to find five stamps. After you find all five of the stamps, you get in a line that averages about five hundred people waiting to spin a wheel and get a free prize. It may sound bad that you have to wait in that long of a line, but the prizes you win are really nice. Most of them are just accessories, for your DS or anything you want.

Then you get the free demo of Pokemon Black or White. They are short demos and just a little disappointing, but still worth it. You can be one of the few people that can say that they have played the game a month before it comes out.

I really hope you can share the amazing experience that I have been able to have. I really do think this is something that Pokemon fans or not can really enjoy.

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