Pokemon Black & White Game Review

By Joey DiGiacomo

Moderate graphics, exciting game play, and new Pokemon… all things that describe the Pokemon Black & White game. Now if you are one of the many people like me that have already played Black & White you should be as astonished as me. The fact that I got the games in Japanese that is a personal high point, but when you get down to the game you see the exciting features.

First, you have to look at the best feature, new Pokemon. The new Pokemon have many words to describe them, cute, small, large, and most of them are very powerful. We are all familiar with the “Legendary Pokemon,” and this game does not lack them. Since I do not want to give anything to big away, I will just say that there is one legendary for each game.

Next, we have to take a look at the graphics. Now it does not take a lot for a DS to impress me with graphics, mainly because growing up as a really little kid all I had for Pokemon games was Pokemon Gold. In the games you still get your basic graphics, but the Pokemon look more realistic. Simple but very easy to see effort in the graphic category. When you take graphics as a serious thing in Pokemon game, you should not expect much, so like all the previous Pokemon games the graphics are a low point.

I have saved the biggest category for last, the game play. When you think of regular Pokemon game play you probably think of basic moves like attack and glare. The new moves are odd, but at the same time more powerful than ever before. In black you get a taste of the city, by that I mean little outdoor game play and harder trainers. Pokemon white on the other hand is more outdoors. The trainers make the game worth beating, because when you beat it there are tons of extra things you can do. In my personal opinion this is going to be a game you do not want to miss when it comes out on March 6th, I already preordered my copy.

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