Minccino And Emolga Large Size Pokemon Plushies

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have just released two new large size plushies. They are Minccino and Emolga, or Chillarmy and Emonga as they are commonly known in Japanese.

Chillarmy Large Plush
Minccino Giant Size Plush Toy

These are only sold in Japan at the Pokemon Centers and not at any toy stores. These two large plush toys are bigger than most large size plush toys, but smaller than the lifesize plushies.They both have incredibly soft fur that is like velvet. Very soft to the touch. They are very nicely detailed too.  Both of their faces have nice stitching and are very adorable. The eyes are really nicely made and Minccino’s ears are also really cool. Very nice quality I think.

Both plushes are about 14-15 inches tall (about 35-38cm), so they are quite big. Not as big as the lifesize plushies, but pretty big.  The Minccino plushie is alot wider than Emolga Pokemon plush because of its gigantic ears, but they are both similar in height.

Emolga Giant Plushie
Emolga Giant Size Plush Toy

Minccino can actually balance and stand up because it balances nicely with it’s tail, but the Emolga plushie can’t stand up on its own and falls forward when you try to stand it up.Both of them have nice big tails that are attached to the back side of the plush. They have the same round pokeball tags as the smaller versions of the plushies.

Because its hard to visualize how big they are, here is a Minccino and Emolga video that I made that shows a size comparison next to the smaller versions of the plushies. You will see that they are alot bigger than the smaller pokedoll size plush that were released a few months ago.

I expect that these will sell out rather quickly at the Pokemon Center. The smaller versions were really popular and sold out very fast. Im not sure of the exact number of how many of these Minccino and Emolga large plushies that were made, but they are going to be  quite limited in quantity and seem to be very popular. Check out my youtube video to see how big they are.

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