Serperior Team Guide

By Jacob

How to create an Ultimate Pokemon team – Using Serperior as your starter

With over 600 Pokemon to choose from, deciding on just six can be quite a daunting task; especially for a beginner. In order to make the best possible choices when deciding on which ones to take along on your journey, this guide will give helpful tips as well as ways to better your already selected party.

For many players, their starter Pokemon (such as Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig in the new Unova region), is always an essential member to any ultimate Pokemon party. However, the use of certain multi-type starter Pokemon (Such as Blaziken and Emboar: being Fire and fighting types) can be a downside. While it may give them more advantages in battle, a fair majority of the time it makes Pokemon more susceptible to a quicker K.O. However weather or not to use such Pokemon is entirely up to you.

Now the best way to create a Pokemon party is to select one Pokemon and build a team around it. The easiest of which to do would be to start with any starter Pokemon. In honor of the release of the new Pokemon Black and White, I will be making teams around one of the final evolutions of the Unova starters (Serperior, Samurott, and Emboar).

In the process of making an effective party, it is best to use Pokemon that are effective against their processor, for example:

Serperior, the final evolution of Snivy, being a grass-type only.

It would be best to then select a water or ground type Pokemon, such as Simipour or Seismitoad.

Now, with your water Pokemon, a fire or ground Pokemon would be greatly affected by a water-type. Darmanitan would be a great choice, with his high defense, especially if you get one of the special Relic Castle ones, with the ability Zen mode.

After Darmanitan, since fire is very effective against grass and steel, since you already have a grass Pokemon lets go with steel.

Steel, the two main choices that I always struggle upon is whether to use Excadrill or Klingklang (although you technically could use both seeing as though Ground, Excadrill’s primary type, is super effective against steel), for the use of this guide, we will use Klingklang.

Steel, being in my opinion one of the best types to use, is affected highly by fighting-types and fire-types, so since Darmanitan, our fire-type is already a member of our party, we’ll use a fighting type. One of my personal favorites of the Unova region, Conkeldurr! With his great defense and high attack stats, he makes a wonderful addition to any party.

Finally, types that are effective against Fighting, the first one that comes to mind, Psychic, Mind over matter as they always say. Since at this point, we do not have a flying type, which everyone should have for quick transportation, the only two flying- and psychic-types in Unova are Swoobat and Sigilyph, but if you prefer the old fashion bike riding gameplay, Reuniclus of Gothitelle would be the best choices.

I hope this guide was helpful in guiding you to make the best choices for a party with Serperior as the center. If you are looking for parties around Emboar and Samurott, I will have them as well in due time.


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2 Replies to “Serperior Team Guide”

  1. your team is great however there are now pokemon that can really do some damage to dragon types and instead of klingklang how bout bisharp. it’s dark/steel and can take down 2 elite 4 members.

  2. Good overall team however one key component for the unova region in my opinion are dark type pokemon since you considered a steel type in the team i would recomend a bisharp instead of klingklang but for the rest of the team great job ill definitly consider using this for a pokemon black team and maybe do a walkthrough about it

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