The Older Pokemon Vs. The New Pokemon


Hello Pokemon Fans! Today I would like to discuss generation one vs. generation five. Now in my opinion I think all Pokemon games are amazing I will admit that, but all the Pokemon…not so much. First let me say this in generation one the designs of the Pokemon were outstanding! Along with the naming and battle moves. For example I will use the three starter Pokemon: Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. Now I loved fire Pokemon (along with dragons) so I chose Charmander. Now Charmander to me was a pretty sweet Pokemon due to the fact that he was almost unstoppable unless against a water type. To me his best move as we progressed was flamethrower. Then he evolved into Charmeleon! Now I was not a fan of Charmeleon but I must say he was stronger and learned even better moves.

Anyways moving on, I thought that the detail was a little bit lazy since all they did was buff Charmander up, add a horn to his head, and rename him Charmeleon. In the end though I was happy for the last evolution was Charizard. Now I was very impressed for I thought he would look like a dinosaur (T-Rex), but no I was wrong he was transformed into an orange dragon with wings. Not only was he just a fire type now but a flying type now too! I must say he was very powerful to so I applaud Game Freak and Nintendo.

Now the other two starter Pokemon, Squirtle and Bulbasaur, I don’t have much knowledge of but I do know that they were very well designed for the first game and there last evolutions (Blastoise and Venusaur) were outstanding in battle! Now for the naming of Pokemon I did enjoy. I mean a fox named Eevee I believe is one of the most popular Pokemon in the game and store. Eevee, now I am not good with naming things so I would have probably named it… Foxy? Now please don’t kill me but I know a little Japanese and know that “Eevee” does not mean fox. For in Japan the pronunciation of the word fox is: “Kitsune”.

So how they came up with the name is beyond me. My guess is that “E” stands for “evolution” and there were only five evolutions at the time the first game was made. So the “E’s” might mean this: Evolution one, two, three, and four. Why is there no five you ask? I’ll show you. One is Espeon, two is Umbreon, three is Vaporeon, four is Flareon, and five is Jolteon. The third eeveelution was Vaporeon there for that was where they got the “V”.

Now for the newer generation. The game was good of course but some of Pokemon I felt were just, oh how should I put it, “not the best in my view?” I am not trying to complain but with every positive there is a negative. For example the name “Ducklett” was not the most creative name but the design was all right. And the evolved form was… “Swanna”. Ok I have to say not the most creative names but the Pokemon are good in battle if they have the right moves.

Now on to the starters: Tepig, Snivy, and Oshawatt. Now like I said I love fire types but I went with grass this time so I chose Snivy. Snivy is a very powerful grass type Pokemon and very cute. As I traveled along with Snivy, I found out that even though he is a grass type I had no problem knocking out fire types. I guess I just got lucky! As he got stronger he evolved in Servine, which I had the best time with due to the fact that I beat N with him! My favorite move was Leaf Blade and it still is. I had the hardest time evolving him into Surperior but it had to be done! Best choice ever made on my part. So far I haven’t lost a battle with Surperior and am very proud…*sniff sniff* seems like only yesterday I was teaching my little Snivy razor leaf and now he’s evolved into Superior and knows leaf storm. I’ve never been such a proud trainer!

Anyway moving on to Oshawatt and Tepig. Now I still don’t know much about them because I am still new to Pokemon Black and White, but the last evolutions of the two are outstanding! I love how detailed they were! I must say that Black and White by far has the best graphics. Until next time this is Legendary Luna blasting off 😉


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