For The Player And Collector: Pokemon Black And White

By The Pidgeot

Hello again and I am back with another set to talk about. This time it is the newest expansion and addition to pokemon Black and White. This set’s cards are based on the new pokemon from the Unova Region, like the new starters, Oshawatt, Tepig, and Snivy. This set is a great expansion to both players and collectors of the pokemon world. For the players there are many new trainers and supporters added to the game and also there are new pokemon with awesome abilities. And for the collectors out there this set has two amazing full art pokemon cards to find. I will be talking about everything that a player and collector may like and not like about this set.

Let me start with the negative aspects of this set on both the sides of the competitive player and serious collector. For the player there are a few cards that render useless in the addition of pokemon cards. Unfezant is a good example as one of the few cards that seem useless to be put into a deck. It has an attack that needs three energy to use and only does 70 damage to the opposing pokemon with no added effect. For any pokemon card collectors out there, there is really nothing bad or negative that I have to say about this set. Except for the fact that there is one set of pokemon that does not come with the second stage evolution. With that lets move on to the positive side of this set.

Starting with the player, this set has so many great cards added to the pokemon card arsenal. The trainers and supporters are all great and playable cards for your deck. The main one that I want to point out is Professor Juniper. This card has the player discard his hand, but only to draw a whole new hand of seven cards. This is a great replacement for the lost Uxie because of the new rotation coming in, and people will be looking for a new way to get their draw power. Now onto the pokemon cards, these cards sure as heck were not wasted, what I am trying to say is that the cards in this set are really useful for many pokemon players. Lets talk first about the Emboar with the ability “Inferno Fandango” What this ability lets you do is you can attach fire energy to any of your pokemon as many times as you want in one turn. This lets you get set up very quickly by powering up your pokemon with the energy they need. There is also the non holo rare, Cinccino. This pokemon, for only two energies of any type or a double colorless energy, can do at least 100 damage to the other pokemon. Its attack “Do the Wave” does this by doing 20 damage for every pokemon you have on the bench. These three cards that I mentioned are only a few of the many cards that you can use in your decks.

Collectors will love this set because of the amazing artwork that is put into the set. Also the holos made for this set are brand new and look a lot more interesting. The holographic cards in this set have a type of spacey look too them. Also the new ultra rares in this set are just amazing to look at. These ultra rare pokemon cards are full art cards of the Unova Region legends Zekrom and Reshiram. This set is a must for collectors to finish.

Overall this new Black and White set seems like a very good set to buy a booster box for. Take my word on it I bought one and got both the full art ultra rare cards and they look and feel awesome. So there should be no question, for either pokemon players or collectors, to whether or not you are going to buy a booster box for this set.

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