Unexpected Favorites Of Unova: Part 2

By Jo

With every generation, there’s always those Pokemon that just don’t settle well with you. Maybe it’s their appearance, or what they’re based off from – it doesn’t matter. You just weren’t particularly fond of them. But then, after having given those Pokemon a chance, you’re opinions of them change and you become pleasantly surprised. That sort of thing really happened a lot with me when becoming acquainted with the Unova region Pokemon.

One of the first routes I came across in Unova had a Lillipup barking at me. Sure, it was kind of cute, but I’ve never really been one for using normal-types. Still, I caught the little guy and decided I’d use him at least until after I’d acquired my first gym badge as I’d use all the help I could get. Directly after I caught a Purrloin and nicknamed her, showing favoritism right off the bat, though just as I checked out my party I realized my little Lillipup was holding an item. Turns out, my Lillipup had the ability Pickup which – at the time – I’d had zero experience with. As we continued getting my party up in levels, the little guy kept picking up useful items and would hand them over without any hesitation. And then I took notice of how much he was also helping my wallet as well. Super potions, ultra balls, antidotes – you name it. Eventually, I decided not to evolve him, despite the fact that his stats would have improved. Because by then I’d realized I liked him just the way he was.
Another Pokemon I’d underestimated and written off early on was Blitzle. Sure, I caught one as soon as it was possible, though hadn’t really planned on using it for anything other than filling my pokedex up. Somewhere along the line I decided to box my Munna and brought out my little stripped friend. Blitzle was a pleasant surprise, though, as it could learn fire and dark-type moves through leveling up. And as soon as I realized what my Blitzle’s ability (Lightningrod) actually did, I was sold. Mine evolved rather quickly and, with my Zebstrika’s help, we finished off Elesa’s gym by using her beloved type against her. My Zebstika’s Flame Charge and Pursuit hurt her Pokemon, while her Pokemon’s electric attacks only powered up my Zebstrika’s special attack stats via Lightningrod. Her famous Emolga tag team was left unable to use Volt Switch properly, and what would have normally crippled my team rather easily (my starter was an Oshawott, and I has a Solosis and Tranquill covering two other slots) ended up allowing me to sweep the gym. I was sold.

The Unova region has been full of surprises for me. I ended up underestimating quite a few Pokemon before I ever gave them a chance, though after I did I realized how wrong my original assumptions had been.

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