Pokemon Nicknames

By Matt

We’ve all had fitting nicknames for pets. Like pets, Pokemon can also have nicknames. This adds to originality, and the identity that each individual Pokemon has. How can the name be changed? The first way is involuntary; when a Pokemon hatches from an Egg, or when you catch a wild Pokemon, you will be given a chance to name it. The second way is by going to the Name Rater. This varies in different versions, but original games, like Blue/Yellow/Red keep the location of the Name Rater in the same city. For example, the Name Rater in the Kanto region has always been in Lavender Town.

In Johto, his house can be found in Goldenrod City. Go inside his house, and he will offer to change your Pokemon’s name. In the recent games, you are given symbols, in addition to the numbers and letters of the old versions. However, a spark of controversy arises in this topic. Free speech, the first amendment of the United States, allows absolutely anything to be written or spoken out loud. From a friend, I have come to learn that there are sensors in naming. To prevent abuse to the system (and possibly to little children’s’ minds!), there is no way of naming your Pokemon after a curse word. I am convinced that even if you hack Pokemon (to randomly spawn), you can’t name them anything profane. Also, I trust that there are sensors for vulgarities in just about every language. Anyway, besides this, there are other restrictions on giving nicknames. Pokemon that you have traded or imported cannot be renamed. That’s right, if the OT and ID number is different, it can’t be renamed. So, if you want to make your legendary Pokemon unique, give them a nickname before you use Poke Transfer or Pal Park.
One other minor, but annoying tip is that Pokemon Black and White versions are the first versions to feature Pokemon with lowercase letters. What does this mean? Pokemon that you import will keep their uppercase letters unless you have it changed by the Name Rater. Basically, if you import a Pokemon with no evolutions, you’re out of luck. This can be fixed by evolving the Pokemon, in which the evolved form’s name becomes lowercase (unless there is a nickname). Other than originality, there is no real use for naming your Pokemon, unless you want to make them stand out in Contests. Another note about Pokemon names is that they appear in Infrared Connection battles and trades, but not through Wi-Fi. This means that if you put up a Pokemon for trade in the GTS, it will have its original name, but the Pokemon the trader will receive will get that nickname. My opinion on nicknames is to let any Pokemon be given one. Even though I have not named my Pokemon differently in past games, I find a tendency to be expressive and give them random, but fitting nicknames. I won’t give an example, but one shouldn’t be afraid of giving what they see fit to one of their Pokemon. There’s no shame in it either; your friends may have something as surprising as yours.

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