Blitzle, Whimsicott And Cubchoo Pokemon Pokedolls

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have just released 3 new awesome Pokedolls. They are Blitzle, Cubchoo and Whimsicott. After the last few Pokedolls have been large size, its nice to have the Pokemon Center release some of the normal size ones again. These three Pokemon plushies are extremely popular and will probably sell out very fast.

Check out my Youtube video to see the Pokedolls up close.



Blitzle Pokedoll
Blitzle Pokedoll

Blitzle, or Shimama as it is called in Japanese is about 7″ or 17.5cm tall. It measures about 5.5″ or 14cm from nose to tail and is approximately 3″ or 7.5cm wide.

It is very soft and has velvet type fur. The eyes are a gorgeous yellow, blue and black and are nicely embroidered.  It has nice flexible ears and white crest on its head that are both made of soft material. The body is stitched with white embroidery and its stripes are very nicely made.

Blitzle stands up on its own very nicely. It comes with the Pokedoll official tag.


The Pokemon Whimsicott Pokedoll is also known as Elfuun in Japanese. It is approximately 5″ or 12.5cm tall.

Whimsicott Pokedoll
Whimsicott Pokedoll

It measures about 4″ or 10cm from the front of the plushie to the back and it is approximately 6.5″ or 16.5cm wide.

At first glance, it looks alot like a mini version of Eevee.  Its face and color resemble Eevee, but its body is quite different.

Its body is extremely soft. It is softer than the other two plushies.

Whimsicott can stand up on its own without falling over.  The eyes are beautifully embroidered with orange and white thread. It has a nice smiling face and is quite adorable.

Of course it too comes with the Pokemon Center exclusive tag.


And last but not least is Cubchoo. Cubchoo is also known in Japanese as Kumasyun. “Kuma” means bear in Japanese and “syun” is a sneezing sound in Japanese, so based on the fact that it is a bear and it looks like it has a runny nose, Im assuming that is how it got its name.

Cubchoo Pokedoll
Cubchoo Pokedoll

Cubchoo is approximately 5″ or 12.5cm tall. It measures about 4.25″ or 11cm from the front of the plushie to the tip of its tail. It is approximately 5.25″ or 14cm wide from one ear to the other.

It has very nice black and white embroidered eyes. The stitching is very well done as well. It is a nice light blue and white color with purple color around its nose.

Hanging out of its nose is a blue and white blob that measures about 2″ or 5cm long. It is flexible and can be moved around.

Cubchoo comes in a sitting position and can sit nicely on its own without falling over.  Its legs are in a fixed positive so they cannot be stretched out. Of course it too comes with the official Pokemon Center tag.

All three of these Pokedoll plushies will only be available for a very short time. They were made in very short supply and are extremely popular.

Hopefully soon the Pokemon Center will put out even more awesome new Pokedolls. I’ve heard rumors that they will be making all the generation V characters. One can only hope it is true.

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