A Teenager’s View On Cinccino

By Matt

Pokemon White Version has currently been bringing me a lot of surprises, especially with Minccino. Since I have limited knowledge of the fifth Generation Pokemon, I do not know which Pokemon evolve and which do not. In the Japanese versions of Pokemon, Cinccino is referred to as Chillaccino, which sounds like a type of coffee. Cinccino is a Scarf Pokemon because of the scarves that it appears to be wearing. Of course, it’s not a scarf, maybe just fur.

In the game, I have yet to evolve a Minccino into Cinccino. As a guy, I find Cinccino one of the few Pokemon that are really, really hot (serious). I find Cinccino sort of strange; this is one of the few Pokemon (maybe even the only one) that undergoes a one-letter name change. But I still love them, no matter what its name is; I can always just rename it. I find Cinccino so hot that I could talk all day about it, but explaining more about it would be a better choice for the audience (sighs of relief). Cinccino has a capability to learn more moves through TMs.
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