Emolga The Irresistible! Summary And Review


Hey guys! Today I will be summarizing and reviewing the 24th episode of the Pokemon Black and White series. In the previous episode, Ash earned his third gym badge by defeating Burgh in a 3-on-3 gym battle. The show beings with a trio of Patrat bouncing on a tree limb to yield some tasty apples. An Emolga peeks from a tree and flops down on the ground next to them. It proceeds to use Attract on all 3 of them, and as a result, takes off with all their hard-earned apples.

Ash, Iris, and Cilan are seen eating lunch with a guest, Bianca. Iris presents some apples for dessert afterwards, to which Bianca responds negatively. Oshawott pops out spontaneously and grabs an apple. Axew is handed one as well, but mishandles it and chases after it down a hill. An Emolga takes his apple and daydreams about a scenario to take all of Iris’s apples. It thinks that if it is nice to Axew, Iris will offer her apples in return. This is exactly what happens, but Bianca comes running down and smothers it. She shows her intentions to catch it and sends out her Mincinno to battle it. Mincinno begins with Double-slap and follows that up with Hyper Voice. It uses Tickle next, but that provokes Emolga to use Discharge and electrocutes everyone. Both battles uses Attract, but only the wild Pokemon’s attack goes through. Oshawott pushes Mincinno out of the way and begins to fall in love. It turns out our new friend is a girl. It flies away as Bianca and Axew chase after it.

Axew wants to give an apple to Emolga so they go looking for it. Bianca has her own intentions and heads off. We see it find some apples and its thoughts about Iris’s apples as well as a negative view of Bianca and being caught. Iris finds her and reveals that her Pokemon has a small crush on the electric-mouse. Just when they are about to cement their friendship, Bianca interrupts. She flies away, but Iris and Axew follow it, but they end up in a forest full of Swoobat. Emolga can’t stand it and she electrocutes all of them. Ash and the others play catch up.

Iris, Emolga, and Axew find a small pond and proceed to have a bit of fun. The electric mouse decides to use Hidden Power into the pool, but gets a little carried away and provokes a school of Swoobat nearby. She electrocutes them again and they make a run for it. The others are in the forest and look upon a rustling bush. Bianca decides to launch a surprise attack with Pignite, but mistakenly attacks a Scolipede. Iris and the two take cover in a small cove. Ash and the others are able to get away from Scolipede and they come to rustling tree. Bianca prematurely attacks again, attacking a Galvantula this time. Angered, it shocks all of them. Back in the cove, a huge group of Swoobat attacks them. They are surrounded and forced to fight. Iris sends out her Excadrill in hopes that he will defend them. It stays clammed up. Emolga uses her Attract, but has no effect on the male Swoobat. Excadrill is inadvertently affected and Iris recalls him, shaking her head.
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The Fan In Us All: Analysis Of Bianca’s Subplot In Black And White

By forest_snivy

In Black and White Versions, the main characters are older, and the plot, deeper. Black and White are meant to draw in new players to the franchise, like all games in the main series of Pokemon, while also adding elements that are more relatable to older fans of the franchise, who have been playing since its humble beginnings in 1996 (in Japan; 1998 in the United States).

The two rival characters of Pokemon Black and White, Cheren and Bianca (Bel in Japanese), have powerful subplots–already a major improvement from previous characters who would only have dialogue that gave them character but no real story–paralleling real-life Pokemon players; Bianca is the most obvious one to draw these parallels to, and as such will be the focus of this article.

Bianca begins as a ditzy, unknowledgeable character who is unsure of what she wants for her life. All she knows for certain is that she wants to go on a Pokemon journey. Here we can draw the first parallelism: outside the fictional realm, most people begin playing Pokemon to play an amazing game–arguably, and almost certainly for young children, close to none of the players of Pokemon pick up the game thinking that it will bring about a life-changing self-realization. Bianca is the exact same way, entering into the world of Pokemon not knowing of the changes it will bring to her life.

Professor Juniper later reveals that the mothers of the player, Cheren, and Bianca were the ones who suggested to her the idea of delivering them their starter Pokemon. These four women mirror the people who support the playing of Pokemon. Some people may suggest Pokemon to a younger child so that he or she may have more means of making friends, or to make use of the well-yet-subtly-implemented multiplication within the battle system to improve their math skills. An older player may be encouraged to play Pokemon from reviews online, or he or she may simply want to play the video game that revolutionized turn-based JRPG’s. Regardless of the reason, however, the fact still stands that there will always be someone, somewhere, who will recommend Pokemon to someone else.
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