Electric Rodent Pokemon

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In the Pokemon World you will see many types. These types range from anywhere. I could be grass to fire, ground to rock, ice to dragon, dark to ghost. Pokemon types cover most of the elements. Several Pokemon are electric type. Most of the time they are rodents. Well, at least in every region there has to be one rodent Pokemon. At least one electric rodent Pokemon.

The first one we should all know is Pikachu! Pikachu is yellow, of course and has red cheeks, he evolves into a Raichu, which is a lot like Pikachu except it has yellow cheecks and an orange boddy and white belly. It evolves from Pikachu if it is given a Thunderstone.

In the Johto region there isn’t an entirely new species of Pokemon to be the electric rodent, just a pre-evolution to another. This is the pre evolved form of Pikachu known as Pichu. Pichu has black ears that are flat and wider triangles then Pikachu’s smaller version. He has a yellow, pale color skin unlike Pikachu’s yellow color. Pichu has a pink color on his cheeks instead of red cheeks.

In the Hoenn region there is a Plusle and Minun. They are different species but are similar together. Plusle has a tan body and red ears, and red hands and feet. He has red cheeks with tan plus signs in the middle of them. Then there is a Minun, which is the same with the traingle ears, except it has icy blue ears, icy blue hands and feet. It looks pretty cute, and it has icy blue cheeks with minus signs in the middle colored in tan. There were to in the Hoenn region probably for double battles. And then there is Pachirisu in the Sinnoh region. It is like a white squirle with some fur on the top of it being an icy blue which is similar to Minun. It has yellow cheeks and like all the rodents aside form Pikachu, does not evolve.

In the new Unova region there is Emolga, which is a flying squirrel type of Pokemon. It has yellow cheeks and a dark gray back of it’s body, along with a cool lighting bolt design on it’s tail. It’s wings are a yellow color on the inside. It is the only one out of the rodents that is an electric and flying type Pokemon. Which of the rodents is your favorite?


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