Pokemon Black And White Review

By Carl00456

I was excited when I first heard the news of Pokemon Black and White, I pre-ordered it a month before release. Pokemon Black and White is a step in the right direction. It enhances all the great points about the other games, with better graphics, greater and more fun Pokemon battles and a whole ton of new features, this is the greatest Pokemon game yet!

I found the story to be amazing. It wasn’t the plain old usual story; it had its own unique style to it. You still had to fight an annoying team: Team Plasma, but the way in which the story developed was different to previous games. There were cuts-scenes in the game for the first time and the brilliant music added to the awesomeness of the story. Certain characters made the game much more interesting for me, I especially liked the fact that when you set out on your adventure, you did it with other people. Strolling along with the AI characters and meeting new Pokemon sure was fun. Sadly, it only lasted a short while.

Some of the characters also have neat back stories. The characters look cooler than in other games and actually act as if they were your friend instead of just running off and battling the next gym leader. The character known as N is by far my favourite. He looks and sounds mysterious like a true rival. There a few side-missions like when you have to rescue a certain person’s Pokemon and these are short but entertaining. I found that the story flowed and the only part that put the story on a hold was training up my Pokemon to beat the next gym, this would only take up a short amount of time but I do remember having to do this an awful lot, I better not skip battling trainers by running past them next time.

Furthermore, the game-play is great. The Pokemon are fully animated, acting more life-like than ever. I did notice the pixels on the Pokemon at first but you get used to it. The catching technique is much the same, the only thing really added something called a critical capture. This only happens once in a while but it allows you to successfully catch the Pokemon without fail. The gyms have become harder this time around, and you’ll have to battle many trainers to train your Pokemon up to a high enough level to beat them. The game does help you sometimes though by giving you the chance to find a Pokemon that is super-effective against the gym leader’s type. The 3D-style buildings and scenery look beautiful and the moving people make the world more realistic.

There are still many caves to explore and special Pokemon to obtain although I cannot say I like the look of some of the Pokemon. Wi-Fi features are still the same but with some new editions like the ability to negotiate with people to approve or disapprove what Pokemon they are trading. There are also features like the ‘Random match’ which is pretty self explanatory and these will keep you entertained for that small while longer. The wireless features are a bit better as you can explore someone’s world in black and white and do missions with them and even have a video chat with them.

I cannot recommend this game enough. It may be similar to the other games but is that such a bad thing? This is a whole new Pokemon game with lots of things to see and do! If you’re fed up of the same formula then I wouldn’t get this game but if you want the same old Pokemon that most people know and love then I’d pick up this game without hesitation.

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