LostGar Deck Review

By The Pidgeot

This time I am going to write about a deck that has a whole bunch of hype since the Call of Legends pokemon set came out. Some say it even has a chance to be the top tier deck higher than Luxchomp decks. Others say that this deck has been over hyped. The deck I am talking about is Lostgar. This article will be talking about some great tech cards to use in the deck and also the main way to win using this hyped up deck that everyone is talking about.

First I am going to tell you about the main cards in this deck. The cards are Gengar Prime from the HS Triumphant set, and the stadium Lost World from Call of Legends. The main idea of this deck is to use Gengar Prime’s “Hurl into the Darkness” attack to put six pokemon from your opponents hand into the lost zone. This is where Lost World comes in. Lost World lets you declare yourself the winner once your opponent has six of their pokemon in the lost zone. You want to put the Lost World stadium only when you have already put six of your opponents pokemon into the lost zone to ensure that you can declare yourself the winner without having to worry about your opponent knocking out your Lost World with another stadium card. Now this sure as heck is easier said than done.

There are many cards that you can use to make this deck faster and more consistent to get those pokemon in the lost zone. First I will go over all of the supporter cards and trainer cards that will make this faster. The first I want to talk about is the stadium card Broken Time Space and the trainer Rare Candy. Both of these cards help your deck become faster by helping you evolve quicker. A helpful supporter would be Lookers Investigation. This supporter lets you look into your opponents hand, then you have to choose which player to shuffle their decks in and draw five cards. This card has many benefits, such as looking to see if your opponent has any pokemon in his hand and being able to change your own hand if you don’t like it.

There is also Twins a supporter that lets you grab any two cards from your deck if you have less prizes than your opponent, this is perfect because you are not focused on picking up prize cards. Another supporter is Seeker which makes your opponent pick up a pokemon card from their bench to ensure your opponent has a pokemon in their hand for you to put into the lost zone. All of these supporters make your task of putting your opponents pokemon in the lost zone.

Now some pokemon to help you win the game. There are many pokemon to help you. The first card I am going to tell you about is Mew Prime. This card lets you pick a pokemon and put it into your lost zone. This may seem bad but mew Poke-Body lets you use the attacks of any pokemon in your lost zone. So you can put a Gengar Prime in there and use its attack without having to evolve or anything. Another notable card is Mr. Mime from HS Triumphant. Mr. Mime has a poke-power that lets you look at your opponents hand, so you don’t have to waste an attack by taking a gamble hoping your opponent has a pokemon in their hand.

One last pokemon I am going to go over is Spiritomb from HS Triumphant. If you know your opponent doesn’t have any pokemon in their hand then place this card down, because the poke-power makes the opponent shuffle their hand into their deck and draw six cards. These pokemon all really help to make the deck easier to use.

As you can see Lostgar can be a pretty scary deck to face against. The person using it can possibly win in the blink of an eye depending on if you know how to play really well or not.

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