Pokemon EX And Lv. X Cards

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Pokemon Ex and Lv. X cards were the new versions of ultra rares back in the day. EX cards were a fancy way of showing a very strong and rare cards. You used to be able to use EX cards in decks but not anymore.

EX cards were only available in EX sets. Like EX Dragon Frontiers where you can get EX’s like Dragonite, or EX Sandstorm where you can get a Wailord EX. All EX cards have a holographic border and background. An EX card had EX after the name of the card. EX’s weren’t that hard to pull, they are like the ultra rare primes we have today. You can get them in any pack but the ratio of pulling one varied. They aren’t like normal rares you can get in packs they are ultra rares and sometimes can be very expensive depending what and how rare the card is.

The most expensive EX card would be the Charizard EX from EX Fire Red Vs Leaf Green. It is extremely hard to pull; hence the cost of this card. Charizard EX can cost a little fortune. A mint Charizard EX can go from one hundred dollars to five hundred dollars maximum depending on the condition. After all the EX sets were passed Nintendo moved on to a new thing.

A new ultra rare called Lv. X’s. Lv. X’s are considered a continuation of EX’s. Like EX’s, Lv. X cards contain a shiny border and carry the logo Lv. X on the name of the card. They were the new ultra rare. There are still Lv. X cards in print but right now the ultra rares of the 21st century are primes and the new Call of Legend shinies. The Lv. X cards every TCG player wants is the infamous Luxray GL Lv. X and the incredible Uxie Lv. X. These two cards are extremely hard to pull and is very expensive to buy. Luxray GL Lv. X can go for quite a bit, its not as expensive as the Charizard EX but it can get up there. The Luxray can value up to eighty five dollars alone. Same with the Uxie, everybody wants it as these two Lv. X’s are almost unbeatable in the TCG game.

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  1. In the last couple of years the pokemon franchise has grown over the empire state building or over the moon in my book. cause this series is awesome i love these new pokemon i really love the legendary pokemon victini, reshiram, and zekrom. also i saw the preview for the new pokemon black and white ex cards on the 2/11/2012 on sataurday. That just blew my mind. I had an idea for my own pokemon design it kept on popping inside my head here and there. I called it Eligaregiath think it was kinda of a cool idea but that’s your choices and if you guys like the idea could you contact me i could send you a picture of i was talking about also i want to work there when i get old enough helping evolve the pokemon franchise to great levels. I also tried to get victini but i was a tad too late i had no idea that he or she could be obtained when the game first came out. I always miss the good stuff when it gets released but still i love this series more than the original series. Awesome Brandon Williams.

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