The Facts About Pokemon Luxray GL Lv. X

By Jack Borkowski

Luxray GL lv.x, the most difficult Lv.x to get is commonly referred to “the best card in our format”. Well to be honest I disagree, yeah I know some people will think differently to me but seriously I disagree completely. I’m going to go over the pros and cons of this card and overall answer “is this card worth getting”. First let’s go over the card in general. It’s poke-power Bright Look is probably the best poke-power in the game. It lets you pick one of the opponents benched pokemon and bring it up to the active spot. This can really annoy your opponent by bringing up a pokemon with a high retreat cost. You can also bring up a pokemon with low hp and K.O it.

Now the attack is where this card puts me off a little. It’s attack Flash Impact does 60 damage with a lightning energy and a energy gain but it also does 30 damage to one of your bench pokemon. This is terrible with cards like garchomp c lv.x in our format and even doing damage to your pokemon is bad overall. Another bad thing is the cost of the card itself. People are selling them for $80 each which is over the top.

Some websites are selling them for $200 dollars which is absolutely obscene! Me, I actullay run Luxchomp but I mainly try to get out Garchomp C and Blaziken FB. I prefer to run decks like Vilegar and Machamp variants but haven’t got around to building them. Luxray also can be O.H.K.O by Machamp itself. It also can be shut down by Vilegar which I will try to run in the future.  Sometimes people run a 1-1 Mewtwo line to counter it, which can auto-win against it unless you run a conter like Dialga G lv.x with your Luxray GL deck. So overall to answer “is this card worth getting ?” I say if people play a lot of Gyarados in your area then maybe but if not, no it just isn’t worth it.

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