Rate My Poke Plush – iPhone – iPod Application for the Pokemon Plushie Enthusiast

Over the years we’ve all been collecting Pokemon Plushies but sadly many just sit in the corner of my bed or lay on shelves never to see the light of day. I was searching the Apple store one day when I found this really cool new app called “Rate My Poke Plush”. It’s from the makers of InupGames and it seems they’ve really hit a home run on this one. Basically you can take photos, upload your collection and have everyone rate your plushie. Finally someone has made an app with the collector in mind. I’ve even been reading that they are going to make the app free and will be running some free contests for the top rated image of the month. I don’t know about you but I’m going to win this month so I can add more to my collection!

For more information go to RateMyPokePlush.com

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