Spell Of The Unown Movie Synopsis

By TokoyamiTheDark

Molly lives in Greenfield: a very nice small town. Herfather, a wealthy archaeologist tells her an old legend about the twenty-six Unown and Entei : Psychic Pokemon found in several forms: the letters of the alphabet, and a Legendary Pokemon that races along the lands. At that time, an email informs that Molly’s father has to go immediately on the archaeological excavations for a astonishing discovery was made.

Indeed, not far from Greenfield: they find a kind of puzzle, a riddle of Unowns … Molly’s father begins to inspect the puzzle, but by moving the game pieces he finds himself lost in another dimension, full of Unowns!!! A fellow archaeologist brings the bad news to Molly, and leaves the house …

Molly, saddened that she lost not only her father, but her mother as well, falls on the ground and accidently discovers the Unown Puzzle that the man forgot earlier, and start moving the letters to form three words, ‘Papa, Mama, Me’.

Meanwhile, Ash meets a trainer: Lin, and they decide to do a Pokemon battle.

After a long battle full of challenges, Ash is finally victorious.

Lin praises the talents of Ash, and the two trainers continue their journey together. At sunset, they decide to go to Greenfield.

Molly has released the mechanisms of the puzzle, creating a link to the Unown dimension and her house … Unowns appears from nowhere, and she timidly asks if she can play with them. But their psychic powers get unleashed, and her house slowly begins to turn into crystal. Molly remember how her father was mimicking Entei, and she wanted him back so much, that a crystallised Entei magically appears. Molly believes it’s her father, reborn as an Entei, and asks it for a mother. Entei flees in search for a mother for Molly.

Nobody can understand this, and journalists arrive at Greenfield in a hurry, wondering what is the cause. Professor Oak is also invited along with Ash’s mother.

The gang, along with Lin comes at Greenfield, but everyone is surprised to see this strange, crystallised landscape …

As they enter the Pokemon center and goes for a picnic, Ash’s mother is kidnapped by a giant beast : Entei. She is brainwashed by Entei’s powers, then falls uncounsious. Ash runs after the beast, but in vain ; it is too fast and crystallises anything its paws touches.

Ash’s mother wakes up in the house of Molly, which became a huge tower of crystal, completely wondering where she is… Molly thinks she is her mother, and that Entei is her father.

Ash decides to go into the tower to save his mother. Meanwhile, Charizard (it was released in a vast Charizard mountain or something like that) withnesses the scene on television and decides to go back help his former trainer.

The gang is in the lobby of the tower, and a teenage girl appears (in fact, it is an illusion of an older Molly, created by the Unowns). A battle takes place successively, and in the middle of everything, Team Rocket arrives. During this confusion, Ash took the opportunity to find his mother while Brock and Misty battles the false Molly… He brings his mother back to reason, and they begin to descend the stairs from the tower but they are stopped by Entei. Ash lose against him, and at the last moment, Charizard comes to the rescue!

A titanic battle occurs between Charizard and Entei … but the weakened dragon Pokemon is about to be defeated by Entei … that’s when the mother of Ash tries to reason with Molly, and ask her to stop all this mess by thinking abour her real father and real mother. After a terrible psychological melee, Molly regain her senses and asks Entei to bring back the real world. Entei cannot stay, as it was born from the Unown. However, the Unown used too much power, and are destroying the house with crystal spikes!!! Greenfield itsle f is becoming crystallised entierly, and no one can do anything about it! Ash and friends arrives in front of the door between the world of Unown and the real world. As much as they try breaking the barrier, Entei comes and sacrifices hitself to smash the barrier, and disintegrates… The Unown Puzzle pieces fall off, then get disintegreated too, and suddently, the crystal dissapears and everything returns as before. Molly’s real parents come back from the Unown dimension and all’s well that ends well.


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