Legendary Pokemon Entei

By Anonymous

Legendary Pokemon are quite popular. Not just for there power, but also because of their origins. Legendary Pokemon did a lot in the making of Pokemon environments to the regions. In Sinnoh it is believed that the Pokemon known as Arceus has the power to create world so he created the Pokemon World. In the Tin Tower, it was burned down, three Pokemon were caught in the blast. Ho-oh, the guardian of the Tin Tower reincarnated them into Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, this is the story according to the anime. Entei is a fire type Pokemon. He is basically the embodiment of a volcano.

Entei is a legendary beast, he is a dark brown, furry color. He has a face that resembles a red star type of design, it also has what looks like a silver mustache. On his back he has a white or maybe a silver or grayish mane, it is very wispy, just like the smoke of an open flame.

In the anime, or more so a movie, Entei is the star and one of the main characters, making Entei one of the more famous legendaries. The movie is the third move. I believe it is called something along the lines of “Pokemon Three: The Spell of the Unown“. Unown cast a spell that make an Entei appear. This Entei can speak using telepathy, it will grant any wish of the young girl named Molly. Ash Ketchum so happens to be visiting this town at the time. Molly’s wish or at least one of these wishes is to have a mother. So Entei kidnaps Ash’s mother Delia. The story is for Ash and his friends to journey into the mansion, or now probably a castle covered in crystal due to the Unown, and to get his mother back. Ash has troubles along the way and Entei is very protectice because this is designed to be Molly’s dream.

In the games Entei can be found in the Burned Tower, along with Suicune and Raikou. When you see these three, they will flee and you can find them in the wild. What do you think of the legendary Pokemon, Entei?


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