Pokemon Heroes Movie Synopsis Part 1

By TokoyamiTheDark

NOTE : The following short story was cut from the International Release due to its Bible-like graphics and story, thus never aired outside Japan order to avoid religious hassles .


‘Long ago, on a small island called Altomare, there lived an old man and an old woman. The old couple spotted two children on the beach. They were badly wounded, so the old couple took them home. Since the old woman cured wounds, she healed the kids, who got better. But, however, a liquid monster, Chaos, was attacking the city, consuming everything it touched.

As the beast approached the old couple, Chaos got repelled, the kids started floating, and, in front of the old couple’s eyes, they transformed into the Eon Pokemon, Latios and Latias. They flew higher in he skies, when others of their species brought the weapon to defeat Chaos ; a gem called the Soul Dew, containing the spirit of dead Latios. The gem was given to the old couple and wherever the Soul Dew appears, or a Latios or Latias dies, another one would appear in Altomare. The island was never attacked by Chaos ever again.’


The scene then skips to a book being closed by two women, who gets away with the book they stole when a man with a flashlight is patrolling the area. He wield his flashlight and see a rose where the book used to be, then gets astonished as he see a photo of two kisses-looking symbols.

The two women then flee from the library using hi-tech gadgets. The blonde woman is named Annie and the grey-haired woman is Oakley.

Both are sister thieves, famous among Team Rocket members, with the intense desire to steal the Soul Dew. The car then turns into a jet plane, flying across the sea towards the thieves’ next destination ; the Water Capital, Altomare.

During this time, there’s an annual water race at Altomare, where Ash and Misty are participating. As Natu and Xatu start the race with a bang, everyone’s off! However, two silhouette-like shapes distract Ash’s Totodile, which get grabbed by one of the invisible shapes itself!

Ash gets off the race, while Misty is competing with Ross, the latter year’s champion Misty’s Corsola is faster than Ross’ Wailmer, and wins the race.

As a reward, she wins a neat medallion with the Emblem of Altomare. Ross then offers Ash, Misty and Brock a gondola ride.

As Misty looks over the medallion, she notices the similarities between her medal and two statues. Ross explains that the statues represent the

guardian gods of Altomare, Latias and Latios. However, Ross also adds that it is a mere legend; no one knows if they really exist or not, as no disasters happened to the city before. While Misty and Brock gets away, Ash goes on a stroll with his Pikachu, unaware that he is spied on by Annie and Oakley. As Pikachu gets thirsty and goes to a fountain, the woman closes he fountain, and Pikachu moans, unable to reach it.

Suddenly, a young maiden open the water for Pikachu, which Ash founds. The girl then seems to get interested about Ash, and closely looks at him, before running in the street. Oakley and Annie are on a motorized boat, and put special glasses on, revealing that the girl’s body temperature is unusual for a human and another pair of glasses reveals to the thieves that she isn’t a human at all, but the exact same Latias from the legend itself!!!

Oakley and Annie slowly approaches her, asking where she got her neat cloths…but Latias is unaware that she’s gonna get trapped…

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