Pokemon Heroes Movie Synopsis Part 3

By TokoyamiTheDark

During the night, Lorenzo is making gondolas. Espeon comes closer and uses Psychic on Lorenzo, who falls unconscious on the ground. Annie praises her Espeon’s work and they go to their next destination ; the secret garden. As soon as Latios and Latias are asleep, trouble approaches. Thanks to the small spying robot, Oakley and Annie discover the secret garden and sneak into it. The wind chimes begin moving, alerting the presence of intruders.

Latios tries to tackle the thieves, but they evade the attack with acrobatic moves. Latios and Latias then become invisible, but that still doesn’t give trouble to the thieves, who put their glasses on, allowing them to see the invisible Eon Pokemon. Annie orders Espeon to use Swift, while Ariados uses Night Shade, badly hurting Latios. Oakley then tosses an electric net enveloping Latios, shocking it. Latias is still on the loose, but Annie soon orders Espeon to use Psybeam on Latias, making it fall on the ground. Latios roars at Latias, surely to tell it to flee. But Ariados and Espeon uses String Shot and Psychic, respectively, and Latios is seriously harmed.

Latias then flees while Oakley shoots another electric net, but Latios jumps and get ensnarled in it, allowing Latias to dive in the water and seeks help. During this time, the thieves try to pick up the Soul Dew and manage to get if out of the pool. Oakley’s computer then deciphers the tiles on the ground, which actually tells how to use the machine in the museum. It says that if an impure heart uses the Soul Dew for evil, it will die and destroy the entire island. However, Oakley believes it’s a lie to prevent people to use the machine, so they run away in the museum with Latios. The water stops flowing from the pool, and we can see Bianca and Lorenzo running to the pool, only to find that the Soul Dew is gone.

Bianca then remembers what Ash said about the women who attacked Latias earlier, and tells her grandfather to go to the museum. As Ariados places an unconscious Latios on the pedestal, rings of steel begin surrounding it, unlocking the machine. As soon as Bianca and Lorenzo arrive, Espeon uses Psychic on them, knocking them unconscious. Oakley put the Soul Dew on its pedestal, and the machine gets fully unlocked. During this time, Latias goes to the Pokemon Center in human guise, wakes up Ash and cries on his shoulder. Then, Ash introduces Latias to Misty and Brock, who gets shocked when Latias transforms.

The scenes then skips on Ariados making a huge spider web, with Bianca and Lorenzo trapped in it. Bianca cries and shouts to Latios so it could wake up. As it opens its eye, it sees the thieves, the Soul Dew and its friends trapped in the spider web. Latios tries to break out, but the rings prevent it of doing so. It then uses its Sight Sharing to show Ash and his friends how BAD the situation is, showing Bianca and Lorenzo trapped in the spider web, then by showing the stolen Soul Dew. Oakley then wakes up Kabutops and Aerodactyl using the machine, then orders them to catch Latias. As time passes on, Oakley then locks the entire city with iron bars, which Ash and Latias managed to evade before the Pokemon Center got locked, leaving Misty and Brock trapped. Ash must get to the museum as fast as possible, but how? He then sees the small gondolas used for the annual race, then races on the water with Latias pulling the small boat…unaware that they are getting chased…

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