Pokemon Hoenn, First Gym

By Anonymous

A new adventure is about to begin, it will be pretty exciting, it is in the Hoenn region. Hoenn has some of the coolest environments, a lot of nature. A coincidence is that the professor of this region, Birch, studies the environments for Pokemon. New trainers also get their starter Pokemon from him. You can choose the grass type Pokemon, Treecko, the water type Pokemon, Mudkip, or the fire type Pokemon Torchic. If you choose the grass or water starter you will have a good advantage for the first gym. This gym is a rock type Pokemon gym and water and grass has an advantage over rock type Pokemon. You will have a bit of traveling to do on your way to city with the gym. You will have to pass through Oldale Town and head to Petalburg City. There is a gym here, but no need to worry about it until later. You need to go through Petalburg Woods. It is a fairly large forest, a few Pokemon inhabit it. Once you get to the end of the forest you’ll find yourself at the entrance to Rustboro City. Now let’s go check out that gym!

Entering the gym you could easily tell it is a rock type gym. You may have to fight a few trainers before you can get to the gym leader though. The leader is Roxanne, she has only three Pokemon but they could become a nuisance if you let your guard down. The first Pokemon she will send out is a Geodude at level twelve, it should be easy to take down if you don’t let it use Defense Curl too many times, another note is that all of her Pokemon know the move Rock Tomb, which could be very powerful at times. If you get the Geodude down she will send out another Geodude which is practically identical to the first one. Still at level twelve and all, you can take it down, just follow the same strategy as last time. Her last Pokemon is a Nosepass at level fifteen, it is her strongest Pokemon and is holding an Oran Berry. The main worry here is Rock Tomb, it can get in the way. This Nosepass has great defense so if it gets raise by Harden it could get tough. Take it down simply, and you will get the Stone Badge, the first badge in the Hoenn region. And be rewarded with TM Rock Tomb. You just beat the first gym, now to beat the second.

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