Pokemon Battle Frontier

By Anonymous

The area of Pokemon battling is always fresh. With new attacks, abilities, and strategy being incorporated every generation. But is there a place where you can go to battle all you want? There are trainers all over the place that are willing to challenge you. From Route One all the way to the Pokemon League, there is someone willing to challenge you. Just look, there are some places however where you can go and battle many different trainers. There is a place called the Battle Frontier. The Battle Frontier is a place filled with all sorts of different facilities that will let you battle other trainers and earn Battle Points that will alow you to get rewards in return. It is pretty cool, isn’t it? Some facilities are the Battle Tower, which is a place where trainers go and battle their way up the tower to get to the highest number possible and fight the strongest of trainers to earn respect and a lot of Battle Points!

The Battle Factory is where you can use rental Pokemon and battle with them, it is a great way to let you develop strategy and can let you experiences using other Pokemon, you can still get battle points from this which is great.

There is the Battle Castle where you fight trainers and can be lucky enough to get your Pokemon healed, or get a status condition. If you beat one of these places you can challenge the leader, also known as the Frontier Brain of the facility, if you beat them they will reward you with a lot of Battle Points.

The Hoenn region has a huger Battle Frontier with a place called the Battle Pyramid where you journey through a dark area and battle trainers. The Battle Pike where it is all about luck, if you choose the wrong door your Pokemon may be poisoned or lose some of their health, it is all chance. There is also move tutors that will teach your Pokemon special moves in the Battle Frontier. There is Artisan Cave where the only Pokemon you find is a Smeargle. You also have a chance to get a Sudowoodo like in the Johto region. What is your favorite facility in the Battle Frontier?

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