Pokemon Movie Synopsis & Review Part 4 – Mewtwo Strikes Back

By TokoyamiTheDark

While the rolling carpet carries away PokeBalls in front of Team Rocket, they see Ash wounded on the carpet, then running after the last ball containing his precious Pikachu. Dozens of metallic robotic arms grabs the ball, but Ash struggles so much that he ‘s breaking the machine itself! Ash finally broke free with his Pikachu who rushes in its friend’s arms. The clones then get out of their tubes while Ash wonder where are the originals.

Suddenly, the machine explode, revealing all PokeBalls that contains the Pokemon that Mewtwo stole. Squirtle and Bulbasaur get back to Ash, who is determined to stop Mewtwo once and for all. The clones join Mewtwo while Ash gets out with every Pokemon. Mewtwo sends Ash flying but lands on a pink bubble, leaving Mewtwo surprised.

Mew then comes and pops the bubble then giggles, create a new bubble to bounde on it, but get blasted away by a Shadow Ball attack!

Everyone whder what Mew is exactly, and Mewtwo stated that even if it was cloned from Mew, it is far better and superior to the original. They battle for a short time, then returns to the Pokemon armies. Mewtwo blocks the powers of the Pokemon and clones alike so it would prove his clones are far much better. Mewtwo battles with Mew during this time while every Pokemon fights against their clones… even Pikachu has a clone, but refuses to fight it! The Pokemon are battling until death thanks to Mewtwo who wants to proves how his super-clones are.

But even the clones get tired, and refuses to fight anymore. Ash then see the very bas shape of the Pokemon, and begs Mewtwo to stop, but is struck with a psychokinesis attack, so powerful, it turned him to stone. Mewtwo laugh at his foolishness…until every Pokemon started crying. All of their tears goes around Ash, with Mewtwo and Mew looking around.

Mewtwo understands how it was foolish to make Pokemon battle like the way it did, brings back Ash to normal then goes away with its clones and Mew, erasing the memories of everyone.

Back in Marina, the storm has been calmed, since Mewtwo is no longer on New Island and Nurse Joy re-opens the Pokemon Center while Ash and the gang doesn’t even remember why they are in Marina, so they go outside…

Ash sees Mew, but not Misty and Brock and tells Ash that he saw a mirage. Team Rocket are now on the deserted New Island ; a tropical paradise!

How did they got there!? Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off…again!



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