The Main And Normal PokeBalls (Video Game)

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Are you just tripping balls that Professor Oak just doesn’t know what to do with them? Yeah, we all heard that joke before his article is not going to cover every PokeBall type seeing there is just so many of them, it will instead stick to the main ones. What is the first item you ever used to capture a Pokemon? Most likely the average PokeBall we all know and love so much. It has a red cover and a white bottom with a button in the middle that close the ball. It is the most basic version of a PokeBall and is the first introduced to the player or trainer or just whatever the main protagonist goes by. Later in on your journey you will discover the PokeMart which is a store that sells good for use with capturing, battling, and training your Pokemon. If you buy around ten or so PokeBalls you will get a Premier Ball which is a solid white PokeBall but the middle ring is a glowing red. It has the same power as the PokeBall, but just looks cooler in my opinion. You will most likely discover the Great Ball, it does just exactly like it sounds.

A PokeBall that is greater than the first. You will have a better chance in capturing a wild Pokemon than with the PokeBall or Premier Ball. The Great Ball is much like the PokeBall, just with some added blue. You will have Great Balls with you for the majority of your journey, until you start getting stronger Pokemon and therefore the wild Pokemon will start getting stronger as well. You will eventually need to buy an Ultra Ball. An Ultra Ball is probably the most famous out of all the PokeBalls used among trainers. The Ultra Ball is much more powerful than the PokeBall and Premier Ball. It has a higher catch rate than both and the Great Ball. It catches the majority of Pokemon for a trainer, and in some cases a nice tool for helping in the catching of legendary Pokemon. The Ultra ball has a white bottom and a black top with yellow on it. The last PokeBall that is fairly popular is the Master Ball. The Master Ball is the ultimate PokeBall, any, and I mean any, Pokemon can break free of it without fail. Mainly used on a legendary Pokemon among trainers. The Master Ball is more powerful than all of the stated PokeBalls by far. It has a white bottom and purple top. It has to red spots on the top with a white slightly above the center. There you have it, the main PokeBalls.

I understand the Premier Ball isn’t that popular, it was just added since you get them through buying PokeBalls. Hope this article helped you out if you were wondering the capture rates of the main PokeBalls.

Normal Type Pokemon (Video Games)

We should all know about the general mechanics of the Pokemon typing at this point, for sure. Now, I want to start off with one of the most known Pokemon types. Well, they are actually close to all being equal so this doesn’t really count as the most Pokemon type used. No, not at all. This type is a lot like the PokeBall, the most basic type of Pokemon. This type would be pointed out as the normal type Pokemon. Normal type Pokemon have normal attacks, receive normal damage, just the basics.

Nothing really has advantages or disadvantages over them except for just a small amount of Pokemon. The only type of Pokemon that has an advantage over the normal type Pokemon would be the fighting type. A fighting type Pokemon consists of something like a Machop. But let’s get back to the normal type Pokemon, shall we? Normal type Pokemon can hit all Pokemon, nothing is weak against the normal type Pokemon attacks. Everything is just neutral. The only type of Pokemon type that cannot be affected by a normal type attack is the ghost type Pokemon.

Let’s see, Gastly would be a good ghost type Pokemon. Now, the types are the only thing that bother the ghsot or normal type Pokemon. A normal type Pokemon receives absolutely no damage, none at all against a ghost type Pokemon. But, if you taught your normal type Pokemon a move like Shadow Ball, a ghost type Pokemon move, for example, it would be able to hit ghost type Pokemon. It doesn’t even have to be a normal type Pokemon in order to have no effect against ghost type Pokemon. Any Pokemon with a normal type move such as Scratch, can still hurt the ghost type Pokemon, but if it using Scrath it will have no affect. It is sort of hard to word it but is mainly common sense in a way.

This same technique goes the exact same, vice versa, with ghost type Pokemon and ghost type Pokemon attacks. Back to normal types. The first normal types were from Pokemon versions Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. The first pure single type for normal was known as Rattata while the first duo type normal Pokemon was Pidgey, a Normal type Pokemon and a Flying type Pokemon. There are a bunch of normal type Pokemon out there, for sure. But I am not sure if normal type Pokemon are the majority or not when it comes down to the typing. Do you have a favorite Pokemon? What would that Pokemon be? And is it a normal type? That is a lot of questions there. If not, what is your favorite normal type Pokemon?



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