Flying And Grass Type Pokemon (Video Games)

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Flying Type Pokemon

Out in that world of Pokemon! The Pokemon universe is one of the most interesting and greatest of all the universe out there! Pokemon live in the sea, in trees, forests, urban area, the sky・What? How could something live in the sky? Well, I should have said travel in the sky. But, out of all of these Pokemon each and every one of them have their own type. These types are all guided somewhat towards the elements. Today, or just in this article, I will be talking to you about a single Pokemon type. This type, as stated above about the sky, will of course be about the flying type Pokemon! Flying type Pokemon are usually of course birds. They are used outside of battle among trainers for flying. Yes, just flying. That is only if that particular trainers has the Hidden Machine Fly and the gym badge that allows that attack or move to be used outside of battle.

You simply teach it to your flying type Pokemon and then select that Pokemon and go to Fly, a map will appear and you will be able to select where to fly to. You can only fly to spots that you have been to. As in, if you are in Pallet Town and want to fly to Pewter City, it works because you have been there. But if you want to travel to a place like Saffron City, a place you haven’t been to yet, you wouldn’t be ale to fly there until you travel by foot. Flying type Pokemon have an advantage over grass and bug type Pokemon to name a few. If the flying type Pokemon uses a flying type move to attack it will get a boost since it is the same type at that move. None flying type Pokemon that have flying type moves won’t be able to get the boost but it will have close to the same effect.

Electric, Ice, and Rock type Pokemon have an advantage over flying type Pokemon. Ground type Pokemon have no effect on Flying type Pokemon nor do their moves. The same counts for the above, an electric type move known not by an electric type Pokemon but by another type of Pokemon won’t have the boost that an electric type Pokemon who uses an electric type move would have. The first flying type Pokemon was Pidgey, a dual type, Pidgey is both a flying type Pokemon and a normal type Pokemon. The only pure flying type Pokemon is Tornados of Unova I believe. What or who is your favorite flying type Pokemon out of all the six hundred plus? Or what is your favorite flying type Pokemon in each region?

Grass Type Pokemon

Ah yes, a nice place, I am thinking of a nice, quiet, peaceful place・Can you guess where it is? I will give you a hint. It is in the world of Pokemon, and is quite common in all of the regions. It is not in the sky, close to water usually, could be by a cave or near a mountain. It is a meadow, the grassy plains where the Tauros graze. You are still right if you guessed forest though! Because all of this Pokemon have types. Like that Tauros for example is a normal type Pokemon.

The most common Pokemon you can find in forest areas or in the grassy meadows is simple. The grass type Pokemon. The element of grass, leafs, roots, flowers, all of those! Grass type Pokemon tend to be some of the coolest you can find. They are usually green or have petals, plants, seeds, bulbs, flowers, or even trees on them! Grass type Pokemon are weak against fire, flying, bug, and ice to name a few. It is just a pretty cool element or type to have, wouldn’t you agree? A fire type is usually the most notable when it comes to fighting a grass type Pokemon. Even though they have pretty much the same effect as the ice type Pokemon or the flying type Pokemon do.

The attacks don’t have to be used by Pokemon of this type however, they just have to be able to be learned by the Pokemon that will be using them! That is right, Pokemon of the same type as the move can have an added boost into the moves known as STAB. STAB is just extra power as in a grass type Pokemon using Petal Dance would make it a lot more powerful. Grass type Pokemon may have a decent share of personal weakenesses but they also tend to have the some strong offense. Grass type Pokemon carry moves such as Stun Spore which is like a grass type version of Thunder Wave, Poison Powder to poison the enemy, and Sleep Powder which is like a grass type version of Hypnosis.

They also have an advantage over rock, ground, and water type Pokemon to name just a few. They have strong attacks that can be used against them, but just as their wekanesses, other Pokemon that can learn a move of the element grass can use them too, just without the added power STAB. The first dual grass type Pokemon is probably Bulbasaur. The first single type grass type Pokemon is probably Oddish unless it is part poison too. Which is your favorite grass type Pokemon from each region? Or which is your favorite grass type Pokemon overall?


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