The Main Goal for the Majority of Pokemon Trainers (Video Games)

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All of you have heard of the average Pokemon trainer. It is the class everyone is put into at the start. The general trainer has the main goal of beating all the gyms and thus earning the gym badge. The gym badge is what is rewarded to the trainer by the gym leader. The badge resembles what type the gym is based on. Each region tends to have eights gym, so that means that you will fight eight different people, the gym leaders. And of course, that means eight badges to be gathered. Once getting all of the eight badges you go to the Pokemon League and challenge it. You will fight four people known as the Elite Four. The Elite Four tend to have the strongest Pokemon you will face. However, they are usually battling with their element.

For example, Bruno of the Kanto/Johto Elite Four trains fighting type Pokemon. To beat him easier I suggest bringing a strong flying type Pokemon. Flying type Pokemon have an advantage over fighting type Pokemon as you should already know. Making it easier to defeat Bruno. He is just one of the Elite Four, you will only face him in the Kanto or Johto regions. He is just one of the Elite Four, however, this means you must be prepared for the other three. It usually takes one or two tries for most trainers, that is if they are powerful and strong and confident as trainers. So it should be easy. I’d suggest bringing some Hyper Potions of some sort for the battles. You should bring a lot of Revives as well. You might or might not need them, but I strongly suggest it. I’m not saying you would be a bad trainer this way, just a prepared one.

All just in case. The Elite Four’s Pokemon usually range from the 45-60 when it comes to the level of the Pokemon that they use. Every region has different Pokemon at different levels when you face the Elite Four. But that is just the ball park of where they are usually at. Now, you beat these Elite Four members I keep talking about, so now what? See for yourself, you will face the champion of the Pokemon League! The champions are incredibly powerful when it comes to level. Their Pokemon I would say range between 59-70 when it comes to the level. What can I say? They are powerful trainers. If you can beat them you will be crowned the next champion and will get your name and your team of Pokemon you used added to the Hall of Fame. That is what the main goal of the vast majority of trainers usually tends to be.

The Strongest Pokemon (Video Games)

Alright, let’s think about modern day Pokemon. There are just about over six hundred species today. Amazing compared to the one hundred fifty we are use to. I am not biased with the different species, newer generations or anything like that. Today I want to talk about the Pokemon. Now with all of these Pokemon you would think of some different strengths going on here. Now a Caterpie can and will put up a fight against a Weedle. But do you honestly think it stands a chance against the mighty fire and flying type Pokemon known as Charizard? No, I didn’t think so.

Pokemon are all capped away on there own tiers of which are powerful. Kind of like the pick on someone your own size rule. Actually, I just summed up the reason of tiers. That is the best way to look at this stuff. Now this brings us to the main article or the main discussion topic title of this article. Who or what is the strongest Pokemon exactly? I bet you are waiting for my answer. Now we will cut it to the commercials. No, not really the case here.

I will tell you my personal saying for the strongest Pokemon today, no commercials at all. Alright, the strongest Pokemon is・all of them! If you take all of the tiers and group all the Pokemon away to play with the other Pokemon of their own size you really can’t go wrong can you? Now, there is the case of type advantages and how you train your Pokemon. Now, the main point is that you can’t just catch a wild Gyarados or something and think you have the strongest Pokemon is what I’m getting at. Plus you have to look into your IV Breeding to get the perfect stats for the Pokemon. The main point is each and every one of those Pokemon if grouped with ones of their power have the same potential. You just have to follow the rules like stated above. A Caterpie doesn’t even stand the slightest chance against the big bruiser Charizard. But a Charizard doesn’t stand a chance against a horribly strong water type Pokemon like Kyogre. Kyorge can go fight with his friends Rayquaza and Palkia. Charizard can play with his friends Blastoise and Sceptile. Caterpie can play with his friends Weedle and Zigzagoon. The only exception is Magikarp, which is just useless. Now, this is all just my own personal opinion on the subject. I want you to tell me now, who do you believe is the strongest Pokemon? There are over six hundred to choose from! Just follow the tiers, or is there a stronger individual Pokemon?


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