Fighting Type Pokemon (Video Games)

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Such a huge world in Pokemon. All of these types must add up in a way, of course. What is your favorite Pokemon? Well, that is a common question given among Pokemon trainers to one another. But types, what is your favorite type? Do you have any certain Pokemon in mind with any types at all? Well, this type is not my favorite of course, but it is my article’s topic. This type would be the fighting type. Now when you combine all of the Pokemon together, there will be a fraction for each type, most of this fraction would be equal for the reason of as of yet, I think there is no majority typing when it comes to Pokemon. But one of those fractions would be the fighting type Pokemon. This is just a neat type in general. Fighting type Pokemon have some neat trades. Some fighting type Pokemon, well, not just some, not just some at all. But almost all fighting type Pokemon tend to be the most human-like Pokemon out of every type. It is just a pretty cool fact for you there.

Fighting type Pokemon have advantages over several Pokemon, the most notable would have to be the normal type Pokemon. A normal type Pokemon’s moves will have neutral damage on a fighting type Pokemon, though a move from a fighting type Pokemon will be super effective against the normal type Pokemon, quite literally actually. For the most part, fighting Pokemon tend to be pretty single typed, that type being fighting of course. There still is a decent sized number of Pokemon that happen to be in the dual type, one of the sharing types being fighting. The most common you would find out of these is the fighting type Pokemon and the fire type Pokemon.

For the past three generations the fire type starter Pokemon has evolved into a fighting type Pokemon dual type with fire type Pokemon. Now for advantages, well, weakness with fighting type Pokemon, counters if you will. The one type of Pokemon that can have a super effective hit on the fighting type Pokemon would the flying type Pokemon. Now, not just a flying type Pokemon, but also any flying type Pokemon move. The type of the Pokemon doesn’t matter as much as the move. Another note, fighting type Pokemon attacks have no effect on ghost type Pokemon, much like normal type attacks. Unless you have your Pokemon use the attack Foresight. The first fighting type Pokemon was most likely Machop in the Kanto region. Machop has no dual types, its final evolution would be Machamp which is still a fighting type Pokemon. Who is your favorite fighting type Pokemon?

Fire Type Pokemon (Video Games)

Ah yes, the mighty Charizard. A favorite among some of the oldest trainers of Pokemon. I would agree with them. In this world of Pokemon there is a ton of Pokemon, yeah we all heard that before of course. But there are also at least a small handful of types out there. Just about seventeen or so. As stated above, Charizard, a fire type Pokemon and a flying type Pokemon, is of course part fire! This article will go over a few details about the fire type in the Pokemon universe. Fire type Pokemon are among some of the strongest you will encounter, but all Pokemon are pretty close in strength if paired with their own tiers. The main weaknesses to the fire type Pokemon are water types, of course. But there are also ground types and rock types.

Those of you who chose Charmander back in the Kanto region knew of rocks beating fire types easily when you fight the first gym, which is a rock gym with the leader being Brock. Fire type Pokemon attacks affect all types of Pokemon. I think, just think that there is no cases in which a fire type Pokemon attack will completely fail at giving damage. You will have weak fire type attacks if you used Flamethrower on a Geodude or Squirtle for example. But I think fire helps more in the end. The reasons we chose the Charmander back in the day is because Charizard was awesome and we knew it. That is the truth.

Fire type Pokemon usually are in the groups of the strongest Pokemon. But this is completely just my opinion in the end. Some may think dragon types are the strongest, that is just fine with me. Now, a move like Rock Blast will do a lot of damage to a Charmander. That is pretty harsh in the end to the little lizard, don’t you think? Well, that is the case. A fire type attack doesn’t have to be used by a fire type Pokemon, many other Pokemon that aren’t fire type Pokemon can learn fire type moves. It is not a bad deal, fire type Pokemon, in return can get moves like Metal Claw, a steel type attack in return. But if a fire type Pokemon attack is used by a fire type Pokemon you will get what is called STAB. Which is just like sprinkles on the cake. The move is more powerful if used by the Pokemon of its type. The first fire type Pokemon to appear in Pokedex order is Charmander, the fire type starter over in the Kanto region. The first dual type for fire would be the final evolved form of Charmander, Charizard, who again, is a fire type and flying type Pokemon. What is your favorite fire type Pokemon out of every region? Or just your favorite overall fire type Pokemon?


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