Deerling And Sawsbuck

By Jo

The changing of the seasons in the newest games was one of the most anticipated features for the fans. And nothing really displays the effect the seasons have on the game play more than the changing of Deerling and its evolution, Sawsbuck’s, appearance. There is a reason why they’re called the Season Pokemon, after all.

Deerling is based off from a fawn, a young deer, and the changes of the seasons. While their color scheme changes every month, a few things about their appearance stay the same all year around. One of the things that doesn’t change for Deerling is the yellow flower atop its head. The flower stays there all year around, as does the freckling of spots on its back, the color of the inside of its ears, the yellow, curving band around its waist, and the cream color below that band. Above the waist, the color found there depends on the month. During Winter (April, August, and December), a grayish brown makes up its coat. In Spring (January, May, and September) a light pink is present. Summer (February, June, and October) brings a vibrant green shade to its short fur. And lastly, Fall (March, July, and November) brings a warm, Autumn-like orange to its coat. According to Deerling’s pokedex entries, its color and scent of their fur changes to match the mountain grass. When they sense hostility, they hide in that grass, perfectly masked by the grass’s aroma. Over the ages, Deerling have been used to mark the seasons and the time of the year. Deerling’s name seems to come from quite a few words, including ‘deer’, ‘dear’, ‘yearling’, and ‘darling’.
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Pokemon: Changing Of The Seasons

By Jo

With so much hype over the new Pokemon Black and White games that will be released in a little less than a week’s time, I thought I’d cover a new feature that I’m pretty excited about – the changing of the seasons. Many have probably seen screen shots of snow and falling leaves, though, the appearance of the Unova region isn’t the only thing that’s changing each month.

In the original games, there was no sense of time. Days didn’t change into nights. Weather conditions didn’t become more extreme. There wasn’t a need for it, since Pokemon that evolve by those means didn’t exist yet. It wasn’t until Johto that time began to matter as Espeon and Umbreon were introduced in that generation. In the third generation, weather conditions like rain were made available in battle. And then in the forth, Pokemon became able to evolve at certain locations into Pokemon that they otherwise couldn’t. So now that seasons have been added, you can expect lots things having to do with them become regular game play with Black and White. Continue reading “Pokemon: Changing Of The Seasons”

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