Seasons in Pokemon Black And White Versions

By Matt

A new feature in Pokemon Black and White allows different events to happen during the seasons. The seasons also determine which Pokémon can be found, much like animals appearing during various seasons. The four seasons, though, do not last for about three months each. At the start of the next month, a new season begins, and it causes changes in the weather. Misaltron City always was raining when I visited it in Autumn. When it became Winter, it started snowing, so you can always tell the season by visiting this city.

Starting in January, Spring is the first season, followed by Summer in February, Autumn in March, and Winter in April. This continues until the last cycle, which is Winter in December. As you walk along on the routes, you can see that the trees have changed color, as well as the grass you walk through to encounter wild Pokemon. Each season allows you to go find more opportunities to do things you normally couldn’t do with other cities.

First of all, in Icirrus City (the city with the Ice-type Gym Leader), there is an extra place to wander around once it is Winter. There is a new part of the city you can check out because the snow allows you walk through that area. The times of day also will change depending on the season. Morning, Day, and Night are the three basic categories, but will vary a few hours each time the season changes.

One of the Pokemon that undergoes the most radical change is Deerling, which is known to alter its form every season. On Route 6, there is a building with scientists trying to figure out what happens when they change the weather. Another scientist will ask you to bring a different form of Deerling each season. If you successfully do this, he will reward you with a Leaf Stone (even though Deerling evolves into Sawsbuck at level 34). On the topic of color, Deerling is pink in the Spring, green in the Summer, orange in the Fall, and brown in the Winter. The same follows for Sawsbuck, except its Autumn form is red, and its Winter form is white. In Castelia City, there was a stand that sold Casteliacones, which you could buy on Tuesdays. In the winter, since very few eat ice  cream, they will no longer be available. (It’s not like you could eat them anyway.) In the Spring and Summer, Cynthia, the Champion of the Sinnoh League, will be in a house relaxing in Undella Town. Depending on the season, various people will come and visit her. If you want to battle her, you can, but be warned, she has level 70 Pokemon. This will also be a great opportunity to train besides the Elite Four, but when she leaves Undella Town, it’s not a bad idea to go back to the Pokemon League. The Seasons  provide a new opportunity to connect with the real life, and I am very glad that they implemented this system in Pokemon.


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