Pokemon Azelf

By Anonymous

In the Sinnoh region there are legendaries, just like other regions. Legendary Pokemon are special Pokemon that usually only one exist of each species. They have ancient powers used in the past to help in peace in the Pokemon World. In the Sinnoh region there is a trio, just like in the other Pokemon regions. This trio is known as the Lake Trio. Just because the three Pokemon in this trio come from lakes. The first, Mesprit is the being of emotion, it has the powers to wipe people’s emotions or to improve them, Mesprit is probably the most famous out of the trio because it lives near your hometown in the Sinnoh region, in Lake Verity.

The second is Uxie, which is the being of knowledge, this Pokemon is extremely intelligent and has the power to wipe one’s memory, it lives at Lake Acuity which is located by Snowpoint Temple.

The last but not least, is Azelf. Azelf lives in Lake Valor’s cavern which is right outside of Pastoria City. Azelf is the being of willpower, it has the power to control someone’s movements. It can make you start moving against your will, Azelf, in my opinion, has one of the coolest abilities. Azelf is a psychic type Pokemon and does have some power. Azelf has the highest attack stat then both Mesprit and Uxie. The other’s have high special attack but Uxie is a bit defensive. Azelf also has special attack, which is also great. Azelf can be a great physically attacking Pokemon, mainly because you don’t see much physical psychic type Pokemon, especially legendaries.
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