Ash’s New Friends

By Carl00456

I didn’t like the character Cilan from the Pokemon Black and White anime at first, but he seems to have grown on me. His small eyes and green hair made me jump to conclusions and think he was going to be another Pokemon trainer that I wouldn’t care about, but his personality shines through and he is actually a great character in the new anime.

We are first introduced to him at his Pokemon Gym. He battles Ash with his Pokemon, Pansage, which I must say could not be a better match with his personality or appearance. He decides to travel with Ash, hoping to improve his job of looking at Pokemon’s relationships with their trainers. He appears to be one step ahead of Ash and Iris and is always ready to do things. I feel that he may be replacing Brock though as he’s got the whole ‘good at cooking food’ going on, which looks delicious by the way.

I like how Cilan always says things like ‘what a unique flavour’ when talking about the style of Pokemon battles. He’s not like normal Pokemon trainers. He makes me want to learn more about his history as he is really interesting to watch. His personality is awesome in my opinion as he seems so clever and out-going and fun, unlike Brock who didn’t really get involved in most things Ash did. He is dressed like a Pokemon butler or chef which is unusual but somehow suits him. Cilan Is always eager to join in Pokemon battles and helps out when he can, whether it’s cooking some Pokemon food or giving some well-needed advice to his friends Ash and Iris. I would really like to see this character develop, get stronger and catch more Pokemon as I can’t see any bad points about him, I mean, he’s not annoying like Iris can sometimes be. I think that Cilan is the best person who has travelled with Ash. I can’t wait to see what happens to him in the anime.

Iris, however, is quite the opposite to Cilan. She was okay at first, but then she started to get really annoying. She was always whining and moaning and telling Ash that he’s such a child and that he needs to grow up. Her appearance makes her look like a teenage witch and her back-story is unappealing. She is always trying to impress Ash and follows him around everywhere. She is a weak Pokemon trainer as one of her Pokemon does not even listen to her. I hardly see her joining in on Pokemon battles and when she does she tends to lose. Iris is by far the most annoying person to travel with Ash and is my least liked pokemon trainer who has travelled with him. I can only hope that her character develops more and she becomes a strong Pokemon trainer who is less annoying. Oh well, one out of two isn’t bad.

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