Censored Pokemon episodes

By TokoyamiTheDark

Everyone knows that Pokemon had some censored episodes for many reasons, some being insane. The thing is, some episodes were censored for silly reasons, but I’ll list all banned Pokemon episodes so far as well as the reasons why :

1 – The Beauty and the Beach : This episode was not necessairly banned in the USA, but was banned in Canada. The reason for this is because there’s a swimsuit contest for girls, and the price is hundreds of dollars. James snuck in with inflatable breasts, considered as offensive in North America. Misty loses to Team Rocket, but they lost to Ash’s mother iin the Final round. Chronogically, this episode is between « Tentacool and Tentacruel » and « The Ghost of Maiden Peak »

2 – The Legend of Dratini : Banned because an old man can be seen pointing a gun towards Ash and Team Rocket, mistaking them for poachers. The man then open the Safari Zone for Ash and friends, knowing they do no harm, but Team Rocket ruins the fun, when they capture Dratini, a Pokemon the old man wanted to keep as a secret. In the end, Dratini is believed to be gone, but it actually evolved into Dragonair! Ash is rising the Dragonair and catches a bunch of Tauros, which are sent to Oak’s lab. Then, the gang promishes the old man to keep the Dragonair event a secret from everyone else, then leaves the Safari Zone.

3 – Electric Soldier Porygon : Probably the MOST famous of all banned episodes, it revealed that Porygon was a NetNavi (being able to go in cyber space) and carry humans with it. However, viruses and trojan horses becomes the danger once entered in a LAN network. A scientist was researching about this and test it on As hand friends. But, however, when the cyper space begins to explode due to viruses, Porygon flees with the gang while Pikachu does a Thunder Bolt attack. The red and blue colors were swapping so fast, it caused over 600 seizures in Japan in December 1997. Most of them were young children, and emergencies at hospitals were full everywhere in Japan. Pocket Monsters got kicked out of the TV Anime for a while, and the episode never got translated, nor availlable on the Internet. Geez, way to ruin the Holidays a week before Christmas…

4 – Holiday Hi-Jinx : Censored due to the fact that Brock catch a cold, and get kissed by a Jynx. Nothing wrong here…exept for black-skinned people who complained about Jynx and Smoochum being ‘racist’ Pokemons simply because they have a human shape and deep black skin. This episode was supposed to air in America tha day of Christmas itself, December 25, and featured Santa Claus (no joking) as well. Jynx and Smoochum were nicknamed as ‘the Negroes Pokemon’, causing an outrage with black-skinned people. As a result, Smoochum’s and Jynx’s skin got colored purple at the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver. And another banned episode who ruins the holidays….

5 – Barboach and Whiscash (fictional name) : Got banned in Japan due to earthquakes striking the country, doing hundreds of deaths and thousands of injured people. But why did they banned this episode? Because Whiscash, being extremely territorial, caused a magnitude over 8.5 in the episode. Shogakukan thought the episode would remind people of the sad event that struck Japan earlier, so they decided to not air the episode at all.

6 – Team Rocket VS Team Plasma : Another episode who got banned due to natural disasters. Another earthquake struck Japan, doing even more danage than the previous one AND accompanied with a tidal wave. Shogakukan could not delay other episodes to put the Teams’ battle, so it never aired anywhere…not even in Japan.

So this is it for the banned episodes. I hope you have found this article interesting.



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