Here Comes The Trubbish Squad! Summary And Review


Hey guys! It’s that time again. Today, I’ll be doing a summary and review of the 12th episode of the Pokemon Black and White series. Ash, Iris, and Cilan continue their journey to Nacrene City, when they suddenly see a group of Kindergarteners riding their tricycles approaching them. The kids throw dirt balls, hitting Ash and Cilan. Two ladies run up and apologize on behalf of the kids. We see a brief interruption by the Sandile with sunglasses. The women bring back our heroes to their daycare center, where they introduce themselves. Carina is the elderly woman, and Daniella is her granddaughter.

The two explain the situation of how the kids found a Trubbish in a nearby junkyard. The children fell in love with it and dubbed themselves, the “Trubbish Squad.” The kids wanted it to stay with them in the class, but Daniella refused, saying that it is too dirty and smelly to be allowed in a classroom. The Trubbish Squad constructs a secret base in a tree house surrounded by trash from the junkyard. Ash volunteers to try to reason with them, but only gets caught.

Ash and the Squad get to talking and the kids are instantly attracted to Pikachu. Avery is revealed to be the leader of the group and he eventually gives back Ash’s signature hat (Ash lost it at the start of the episode). A cut scene shows Team Rocket waiting at a train station. They are met by an unknown man who delivers a case containing some meteorite. Back at the clubhouse, Trubbish releases some of its smell, thus forcing Ash and the others to go outside. A few moments later, the sunglass-wearing Sandile appears and is hostile towards them. Pikachu and Trubbish are able to defeat the Sandile.

The others become impatient and confront Ash and the children. Daniella won’t tolerate their behavior and sends out her Deerling. Ash has a change of heart and sides with Avery and the others by having Pikachu battle. A big problem develops when Deerling accidentally gets knocked into some junk, which makes the entire surrounding unstable. Everyone must work together in order to protect the children. After the situation is safe and clear, Daniella agrees to allow Trubbish to stay with them. As our heroes get ready to set off, Carina entrusts an egg to Ash.

This episode also has a life lesson feel to it. It revolves around a dispute between an adult and children as well as individuals in-between. It shows the importance for young people to fight for what they believe in as well as illustrate that adults aren’t always right. I was excited to see Sandile, but was disappointed when it seemingly randomly attacked. It was cool to see all the eggs in Carina’s daycare center as it is reminiscent of the Daycare Center in the video game.

I thought there was going to be a gang of Trubbish due to the title, not just one and a bunch of kids and something doesn’t settle with me when I heard the Pokedex call it a chemical accident in a dumpster. We’ve gone from magical animals to science experiments gone wrong. I’m itching to see some substantial plot development from Team Rocket. It has been a while. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention how I am impressed how well they took the compliment from the unknown correspondent. They weren’t gleeful, but reserved and confident.

The episode wraps up after the “come together and unite after a common disaster” motif. Out of all the Pokemon in Unova, these children are mesmerized by the Trash Pokemon. How did the Trubbish Squad get all the trash from the junkyard to the playground? Anyways, I thought the creators did a good job in portraying Ash, Iris, and Cilan as mediators. As for the egg, I’m curious as to be what it is. Zorua would be wishful thinking; Lillipup or Scraggy are more likely candidates. Well, I’m signing off now, hope you enjoyed!

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