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My Pokemon Team

By Carl00456

My Pokemon team includes many of the main Pokemon that you find near the start of the game as they are so popular. I chose my Pokemon not based on strength or ability but on looks and attitude. All of them are above level fifty but sometimes they can get knocked out by a level twenty-five, though this doesn’t concern me, it’s the memories and the bond between me and my Pokemon that matters.

Firstly, I have Piplup. I decided to choose him because penguins are my favourite animal and Piplup looks awesome and has a great personality. He’s so proud and always tries his hardest! I managed to level this guy up to level one-hundred, only using about two rare candies on him. I taught him all water type moves.

The first and strongest move is Hydro Pump. This move looks fantastic and it shows off Piplup’s power. Secondly, Surf, as this allows me to travel across water and, from what I’ve saw in the Pokemon anime, Surf looks amazing. Next we have bubble beam. This is my Piplup’s signature moves although it doesn’t do that much damage. A Piplup without bubble beam is like a Chimchar without flame-thrower. Taking away a Pokemon’s’ signature move is taking away its credibility of its type. Lastly, it knows drill peck. This move is excellent because it allows me to defeat super-effective grass type Pokemon in one hit. I enjoy dressing Piplup up in contests as a magician with a top-hat and a wand. He was my first Pokemon and is definitely my favourite.
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The Joys Of Pokemon Plush Collecting

By Stephanie Sartain

I began collecting Pokemon plushes when I was very young. I love collecting Pokemon plushes. I have currently sixty four Pokemon plushes in my collection. Some of my plushes are very old while some are newer. The first plush I ever got was of my favorite Pokemon Pikachu. I only collect plushes of Pokemon that I like. I have Pokemon from every generation from first to fifth. I find the collecting Pokemon you like is much better than simply getting every single Pokemon plush there is. That would take way to long and cost way too much money. I find that collecting is fun however it also because like an addiction. Somehow you always want more. But no matter that downside Pokemon plush collecting is an enjoyable hobby.

Now my Pokemon plushes are from many different companies. Some are from Pokemon Center while others are from Takara Tomy. I have collected for many years. Each plush is like a new addition to the family. Now I love my plushes and keep the in the best condition I can. However some have endured some wear and tear over the years such as my Pikachu whose tail and arm had to be sewn up. Whenever I tell people how many plushes I have they are always amazed. I suppose I have a lot but not as many as other people might have.

Another one of my favorite Pokemon from my collection is Buizel. A great thing about collecting them is when they arrive. I always find my self getting super excited when one of my packages arrives. Of course ordering them is the key step. I order them from and because these are trusted places were I know I won’t be receiving fake or counterfeit plushes. I would never buy a counterfeit plush because as I have learned that makes the Pokemon Center lose money and force them to raise their prices.
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The Cute water Pokemon Buizel

By Stephanie Sartain

Buizel is my favorite water type from the Sinnoh region. It learns great moves like aqua jet and waterfall. It was also amazing as Ash’s Pokemon in the anime. Buizel mastered the special move ice aqua jet. This move required Buizel to be hit by an ice type move like ice beam or ice punch. Then he would plow forward and hit the opponent with his move combined with the ice. Buizel is a great Pokemon to have on your team. I used one in my Diamond game and it was amazing. I think that Buizel is one of the cutest water types.

Buizel eventually learned ice punch in the anime. I thought that was awesome. Buizel was also in a contest with Ash but lost. That was the first time in participated in a contest before. Dawn Buizel’s original trainer never got to use it in a contest before it was traded over to Ash. The trade was done because Ash’s Aipom liked contest while Dawn’s Buizel like Gym battles so they did a trade. Buizel had its first Gym battle at the Gym in Veilstone City where Buizel went up against Maylene’s Lucario. Buizel learned the move Water Pulse during the battle. The battle turned out in a draw and Buizel was upset. Later Buizel fought its evolved form at the Pastoria City Gym. Buizel was able to defeat it with it’s newly learned Water Pulse. Buizel fought many tough Pokemon but it usually won the battle. This is why I like Buizel so much no matter how tough the battle Buizel just keeps on fighting.
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A Teenager’s View On Buizel

By Matt

Today’s Pokemon of the day is… Buizel! Buizel has actually been one of my favorites for quite some time. The first time I saw a Buizel was when I happened to be channel surfing. An episode of Pokemon was showing, so I decided to watch it. The episode goes like this: a Buizel is stealing random stuff (I think it was fishing rods) from the people, causing Ash and Dawn, the Sinnoh heroes, to go after it. They finally catch up to it near a waterfall and find out that it is training, for no clear reason. Dawn sends her Piplup to go capture it, expecting Buizel to be a weak target. Buizel proves a tough adversary and avoids most of Piplup’s attacks. Dawn orders Piplup to use either Whirlpool or Brine, which weakens Buizel enough for her to capture it.
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