The Cute water Pokemon Buizel

By Stephanie Sartain

Buizel is my favorite water type from the Sinnoh region. It learns great moves like aqua jet and waterfall. It was also amazing as Ash’s Pokemon in the anime. Buizel mastered the special move ice aqua jet. This move required Buizel to be hit by an ice type move like ice beam or ice punch. Then he would plow forward and hit the opponent with his move combined with the ice. Buizel is a great Pokemon to have on your team. I used one in my Diamond game and it was amazing. I think that Buizel is one of the cutest water types.

Buizel eventually learned ice punch in the anime. I thought that was awesome. Buizel was also in a contest with Ash but lost. That was the first time in participated in a contest before. Dawn Buizel’s original trainer never got to use it in a contest before it was traded over to Ash. The trade was done because Ash’s Aipom liked contest while Dawn’s Buizel like Gym battles so they did a trade. Buizel had its first Gym battle at the Gym in Veilstone City where Buizel went up against Maylene’s Lucario. Buizel learned the move Water Pulse during the battle. The battle turned out in a draw and Buizel was upset. Later Buizel fought its evolved form at the Pastoria City Gym. Buizel was able to defeat it with it’s newly learned Water Pulse. Buizel fought many tough Pokemon but it usually won the battle. This is why I like Buizel so much no matter how tough the battle Buizel just keeps on fighting.

Buizel also learned another special move known as the counter shield. It utilized this in a battle with Fantina’s Gengar where it defeated it. Buizel is great at learning usual strategies to fight the opponent. This is what makes Buizel an all around cute and powerful Pokemon. I think that more people should use Buizel in their games. It will be a cute and powerful addition to your team. I used one and it really helped me defeat certain Gym Leaders.

Another thing I like about Buizel is its colors. It’s orange with two yellow dots and two blue fins. It also has a yellow collar around its neck. Its tail is split in two so it can use it as a propeller. This is why Buizel is so cute it has great colors and a cute little tail. Besides its looks it also has powerful moves like its Aqua Jet. These moves make Buizel a total power house. In conclusion no matter what your opinion of Buizel it will continue to be a powerful, cute, and amazing Pokémon that most people will love.

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