Pokemon Dream World Guide

By Carl00456

The Pokemon Dream World is an online feature that was released after Pokemon Black and White was released. It allows you to obtain Pokemon with special abilities online, collect items and grow berries. You also get to play various mini-games and decorate your house. The Pokemon Dream World is unique, and it gives you a ton of things to do if you don’t have your DS on hand.

When you put your Pokemon to sleep on the DS you can log onto the Pokemon Global Link website and access the Dream World for a short period of one hour. You are first met by your Pokemon. I was surprised as you can’t actually do an awful lot with your Pokemon partner. It just stands to the side and bobs up and down, watching your every move. You can go inside your house but there’s not much to do in there. You can look at the decorations that you can put in your house and look at the Pokemon you’ve befriended in the Dream World but that’s about it.

If you take a stroll to the right there is a thing called a ‘share shelf’. I’m not exactly sure what this is but I think it’s a way to share items between you and your friends. I didn’t really use this feature much as I’m selfish and thought it was a waste of time as you can just find the items in story mode on Pokemon Black and White without giving anything back in return. Over time, if people visit your Dream World, you will see a person’s name and Pokemon footprint. This is just a neat little feature thrown in so you can see who visits your world and visit theirs if you like. If you carry on exploring your world you can find a small garden like place. This is just a location where you can plant your berries and water them, watching them grow and getting even more berries. It’s nice if you want to collect berries to buy items in the Unova region but it’s a rarely used feature for me. What really makes the Dream World fun is the ability to go to the Dream Island.

The Dream Island is a place you can visit to find items and if you’re lucky enough you can befriend a rare Pokemon. You must choose a path to follow but it doesn’t matter where you go because after you’ve gone through about ten screens you are summoned to a special tree that beholds lots of Pokemon. If you see a sparkle somewhere on the screen while you’re still exploring the Dream Island, you can gain an item like a berry, potion or poke ball. The real mission is to find a Pokemon. A bush or tree will shake on one of the screens you get to and if you click on it you will find one. You must play a short mini-game in order to befriend it. These are quite entertaining but can be challenging at times. Once you befriend the Pokemon it will vanish and when you are summoned to the place where the giant tree is you get to choose a Pokemon to return to Pokemon Black or White. However, you must give the tree a berry first, which is annoying. When you exit the Dream world and ‘wake your Pokemon up’ it will be back in your DS game. You have to then warp to the Entralink to catch the Pokemon you befriended. If you enter the forest you should see the Pokemon you befriended. A ‘dream ball’ appears in your bag which allows you to catch it without fail. That’s basically all there is to the Dream World. Have fun!


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