My Pokemon Team

By Carl00456

My Pokemon team includes many of the main Pokemon that you find near the start of the game as they are so popular. I chose my Pokemon not based on strength or ability but on looks and attitude. All of them are above level fifty but sometimes they can get knocked out by a level twenty-five, though this doesn’t concern me, it’s the memories and the bond between me and my Pokemon that matters.

Firstly, I have Piplup. I decided to choose him because penguins are my favourite animal and Piplup looks awesome and has a great personality. He’s so proud and always tries his hardest! I managed to level this guy up to level one-hundred, only using about two rare candies on him. I taught him all water type moves.

The first and strongest move is Hydro Pump. This move looks fantastic and it shows off Piplup’s power. Secondly, Surf, as this allows me to travel across water and, from what I’ve saw in the Pokemon anime, Surf looks amazing. Next we have bubble beam. This is my Piplup’s signature moves although it doesn’t do that much damage. A Piplup without bubble beam is like a Chimchar without flame-thrower. Taking away a Pokemon’s’ signature move is taking away its credibility of its type. Lastly, it knows drill peck. This move is excellent because it allows me to defeat super-effective grass type Pokemon in one hit. I enjoy dressing Piplup up in contests as a magician with a top-hat and a wand. He was my first Pokemon and is definitely my favourite.

I also have a Staraptor which I evolved from a Staravia. I was hesitant to evolve Staravia at first but I’m glad I did. I can just imagine flying on Staraptor and soaring above the skies, whereas I would not be able to do this with a Staravia. Staraptor knows only flying-type moves. His four moves are; aerial ace, fly, gust and, my favourite, brave bird. In my opinion, he looks epic. His red Mohawk is cool and he looks like a Pokémon to be feared.

My next Pokemon is the monkey Pokemon Aipom. Ever since I saw him I knew I would catch him. I spent hours every day putting honey on tree barks until one day Aipom finally appeared. It was a female. I decided to take the easy way and breed it with a ditto to get a male, not that I have anything against female Pokemon. Aipom’s my unique Pokemon; I taught it special moves via the use of TM’s. It’s purple and mischievous so I nicknamed it ‘shadow’. Its moves are; Shadow ball, swift, shadow claw and double slap. These moves all look good and it is a surprise to my opponent when I use ghost type moves against them.

I also have a Buizel. This Pokemon has a great personality, always fighting and ready to battle. I love the ring around his neck that inflates when he’s in water. He’s a good Pokemon to have if you want a water-type Pokemon. His moves are; aqua jet, water pulse, whirlpool and sonic boom. They may not be strong but moves like whirlpool can do repetitive damage if your Pokemon is close to fainting.

I think most people have a Pikachu, well so do I. This is basically the most well-known Pokemon and it’s easy to see why. His appearance is cute and his credibility is high. He is friendly and although not that strong, he packs a mighty punch with the right moves. His moves are; Thunder shock, Thunder, Iron tail and volt tackle. As you can probably tell I taught most of my Pokemon the moves they know in the anime.

My last Pokemon is from the Unova region. His name is Mijumaru, or Oshawott in English, though I do not like his English name. To me this Pokemon is similar to Piplup. He has the same proud attitude and is eager to battle. He can be lazy at times though. Many people laugh at this Pokemon’s appearance but I really like it. I didn’t like his appearance at first but I quickly got used to it. It knows aqua jet, razor shell, hydro pump and aqua tail. These Pokemon are all awesome to me and are my favourites. I have spent many hours training with them and they can only get stronger. Look out for my Pokemon on Wi-Fi!

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