Pokemon Item Collectors

By Matt

If you’ve played some of the old Pokemon games, you would come across rare items like Flutes. Incidentally, they were so rare that they were given to you as a permanent use item. For example, the Poke Flute in FireRed/LeafGreen versions was a Key Item which could wake up a Pokemon from sleep.

Starting with Pokemon Black and White versions, items like these have lost their function and have become valuable items. So what is there to do with a valuable item that does absolutely nothing? If one was curious enough to talk to every person in the game, you would find some item collectors. These item collectors will offer to buy your items for higher prices than the local Poke Mart, thus increasing one’s profit.

For example, the first item collector you would find is in Route 5, west of Nimbasa City. She is in a trailer, and offers to buy food-based items. The most common items that she will offer Poke Dollars for are Berries, but not in abundance. The ones that can be found more often will sell for 20; less-known Berries sell for 500, and rare ones, for 30,000. The CasteliaCone, which can be bought from Castelia City for 100 Poke Dollars, now can be sold for 2,000.

Some other items include the Stick, found on wild Farfetch’d, Leftovers, Lucky Eggs, RageCandyBars, which wake up Darmanitan with Zen Mode in front of the Desert Resort, and Rare Candies. She will also buy vending machine items, like Fresh Water, Soda Pop, and Lemonade, but at the same price as they sell it for. The next collector is in Icirrus City, who apparently wants an ore that will shake his core. In other words, he’s looking for some rare ores. If you haven’t sold your Nuggets yet, he will buy them for double price at 10,000 Poke Dollars. Evolution stones can be sold for 3,000 each. The Big Nugget, which can be found to the right of the Riches’ Villa, can be sold for 30,000.

To make money every day, you can show a Fighting-type Pokemon to the Pokemon Trainers to get a Star Piece. This can be sold to the Icirrus Collector for 9,800 Poke Dollars, enough to buy a Vitamin. The next collector can be found in Undella Town. The man is a Black Belt and can be found on the left side inside the Riches’ Villa. He says that he is a billionaire who wants to get his hands on anything, even though it costs a lot of money. He will buy Flutes and Relic items, which can be found by using Dive in Undella Bay. Most of the items you have can be sold for a huge value, especially if it is from the Relic place underwater. You may not be able to buy happiness with money, but it’s better than holding on to that useless item.


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