Pokemon Merchandise

By Carl00456

Humans have created many different types of Pokemon merchandise including; key chains, wallets, containers, plush’s, stationary and clothing. I am going to do a review of most of them and tell you the good and bad things about them.

Firstly, the plush’s are great. To me they are the best type of Pokemon merchandise out there as you feel like you actually own a Pokemon and some of the Pokemon plush’s out there look amazing. Most plush’s are detailed and the stitching is excellent. The fabrics used are soft and nice to touch. There are a huge variety of plush’s available that come in different shapes and sizes so I’m sure you’ll find one to suit you. There are a few small problems though that you must take into account when buying a Pokemon plush, they get damaged easily. All of my plush’s except one have got dust all over them, this is very hard to get off and my attempts of trying to get it off have made the plush’s even worse. I tried to wash it but if it has a material on that doesn’t feel soft or look like cloth or fabric (this is usually the material used for the eyes) then that part will turn crinkly and start to show creases. Also any white parts with this material on might turn blue and if any part of the material is not washable then I strongly suggest that you do not wash it, no matter what happens.

A range of Pokemon key chains and charms are also sold. These can easily be found in small machines that give them out. The key chains usually only costs a small amount of money and is worth buying a keychain if you see a good Pokemon that they have. I have used these machines many times but sometimes the machines give out the same Pokemon keychain which I find annoying and a waste of money, although there is no way to avoid this. The key chains can be flat, two dimensional pictures of Pokémon or they can be three dimensional models which are fairly detailed. I did find, however, that sometimes the Pokemon key chains are in bad condition or have scratches over them which I find disappointing. I have lots of these key chains and I strap them on my key holder. It is nice to have a collection of them and they are cheap so I would recommend getting one.

Pokemon Clothing feels comfortable and you feel good wearing it. The t-shirts are soft and display images of your favourite Pokemon. These images can sadly fade away after time but you wouldn’t want a smelly shirt to wear would you? Some t-shirts are for older generations and look more retro, displaying the older Pokémon in the series. These look cool and not many people would laugh at you if you were to wear it outside. The Pokemon hats are unique. They are shaped to look like actual Pokemon and it is fun to wear them to pretend that you’re favourite Pokemon. The caps are okay but I only wear them when it’s warm or sunny. Most hats are comfortable but they can be a little tight as they are made for younger generations of people.

The wallets, stationary and supplies are all neat to use. The notebooks usually contain many pages and include images of Pokemon inside. It is great to write in them and they are made well so are durable. The stationary is simple. They’re just like normal pens, pencils and rulers but just with a picture of some Pokemon on it. I suppose if you really like Pokemon though then you can buy the stationary. The wallets are a nice shape and fit in to your pocket with ease. They contain many departments in which you can place your cards, coins or any other small items in. Most rare and cool items and merchandise are only found in Japan unfortunately, so you’ll have to go online if you want to buy them. Other merchandise includes sweets and games but there’s not much to say about them except that they’re Pokemon related and if you like Pokemon as much as me then you’ll get suckered in to buying them.


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